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Maduro will "give" money to improve the conditions of Aviation


28 & # 39; November, 2018 01:15

President Nicolás Maduro committed with members of Aviation to improve their economic and infrastructural conditions.

"Despite the aggression and blockades imperialists, I promise to bring a solution to all the problems that we have, to get money where I do not have, but we will have our Aviation at the highest level (& mldr;). I -ordni expressed to prepare a special team and hopefully we can say at the Centenary: "Mission accomplished", said Maduro in the 98th anniversary of Military Aviation.

"It's important. I know there are many great moral in the country; If it were not for morality and faith, not getting the Military Aviation so full of light. That light and love of country are constantly attacked, and prior to any aggression we need more moral. the declaration of independence of Venezuela in the 21st century has great merit, but also a great effort, courage and courage, very conscientious and very morality ", he said.

The head & # 39; state received yesterday the president of the Parliament of North Korea & # 39; Above, Kim Yong-nam, f & # 39; Miraflores; while the president of the ANC, Diosdado Cabello, said: "North Korea & # 39; America is ready to participate with us in any project. If it were not for the geographical distance, an extremely & # 39; the away, we can say that we are in the same situation. the distance to prevent more fluid relationship and closer, but the ideological closeness allows us to work together on projects that are needed to achieve peace and their peace us, "he said.

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