Saturday , May 21 2022

Orihime D, the robot operation waiter from the person b & # 39; disability


He called Orihime D, Weighs 20 kilos and today serves as a waiter in & # 39; a Tokyo coffee. It is a white robot & # 39; 1.20 meters high which works thanks to remote orderly movements person b & # 39; disability

in – Cafe Tokyo Akasaka neighborhood Three robots b & # 39; that name are working today. Move between tables with precision and interact with the customer, who empathizes quickly. Each drink cost USD 8.8.

But, at home, and after the movements thanks to camera and computer, andN man b & # 39; limitations & # 39; movement interacts with the customerIt takes notes and bring drinks to the table, as if it were normal shops.

It is the first coffee shop usesObots go remotely by persons with & # 39; severe physical disabilities, As – lateral sclerosis amyotrophic (ELA), and will be open until 7 & # 39; November in the Nippon Foundation.

The developer & # 39; this robot, Kentaro Yoshifuji, tells f & # 39; interview with Efe for three and a half years could not go to school because he was physically weak, f & # 39; what extent he believed that "he wanted to have another body".

"Had I had two or three bodies, I shall examine body had at home, to have family time", says Yoshifuji, and concluded that it is interested in the process artificial intelligence.

For ten years, having had a "loneliness" and "how difficult it is isolated feel without you & # 39; participate in society", the Yoshifuji engineer investigated as creating a body to facilitate social inclusion, jispjegah, which wassalh to this pioneering project.

At the opening & # 39; establishment there three robots b & # 39; function "avatar", Each managed by someone in & # 39; distance and his personal information you & # 39; read on paper placed in front of the machine.

One – Orihime D he controls it from his Naoko computer, Who suffers from myelitis, that causes disease the spine inflammation and forced to enter a & # 39; wheelchair.

Now, Naoko finds the robot thanks mobility and freedom that does not have the day to day, Which enables them to perform the same functions & # 39; waiter and integrate into society with & # 39; an easier way.

Other avatars are handled by Nozomi, who suffers from myopathy that causes chronic inflammation of the tendon and muscle weakness. Nozomi hopes "In the future hope of increasing worldwide using & # 39; robots like Orihime D ', Says the program catalog.

For now this is experimental cafe where both customers and workers should respond to a survey to assess "if it & # 39; to work" and "if the service is correct or not", says Yoshifuji.

B & # 39; this way, they can decide whether to expand this type of & # 39; inside cafes and abroad and without realizing Olympic and Paralympic Games which will be celebrated in & # 39; less than two years in the capital.

While some robots threatening to undo the work of people, Orihime D are designed to generate more jobs in turn promote social inclusion without restrictions, conditions or physical barriers.

In short, as Yoshifuji argues, is about "I have another body".

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