Tuesday , March 28 2023

Pranetta of & # 39; the lobster with Mariela Castro & # 39; Pastora Soler f & # 39; Lavana


Mariela Castro, the daughter of the most mediator & # 39; former the Cuban Raúl Castro, return to the headlines after appearing with Spanish singer Pastora Soler eating lobster, a delicacy that few Cubans can buy f & # 39; a country whose average salary is & # 39; $ 30, as explained Cybercuba portal.

Among the diners was also a transsexual Spanish Socialist Party deputy Carla Antonelli.

Both Soler and Antonelli are f & # 39; Cuba for an event sponsored by the National Center for Sexual Education (Cenesex) headed by daughter & # 39; former president.

The gala, called "Canto a la Vida", aims to celebrate 30 years of Cenesex and make visible the situation of the community Cuban LGBTI that in the coming months can & # 39; win one from its most privileged rights: equal marriage.

Manuel Vazquez Seijido, deputy director of Cenesex, described the note as an independent portal "stupidity" and the product & # 39; "bad milk".

Vazquez, who also participated in the chosen package, lamenta the presence of & # 39; Antonelli Soler or not enough press and instead used the photo & # 39; Mariela Castro eating lobster, which according to him, "is your favorite food".

"[Castro] He had the sensitivity to respond with regard to the invitation made by our friends Ydalgo Martínez and Julio Vicente to receive both guests ", explained Vazquez f & # 39; publication on Facebook.

The photo in question was shared by one of the hosts, along with & # 39; other pictures of dinner, but subsequently removed from Facebook.

"What a shame and meanwhile the majority of citizens through work and hunger", indignu user wrote after the publication was published.

"EThese are the lobster eating and children go to school without having to drink milk, that dictatorship daily put in & # 39; her mind more people & # 39; Cuba ", wrote another user on Internet.

The director & # 39; Cenesex was most medical figure of the Castro family after his father's uncle Fidel and Raúl, who had the power for the last six decades on the island.

Mariela Castro said she is not interested in politics, but it was a deputy to the National People's Power Assembly and its presence is common in & # 39; political forums and national television.

In the past, Castro created controversy after describing Spanish journalist who tried jintervistaha as "dirty snot" or when criticizing the exiled singer Gloria Estefan, said he did not "sandunga".

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