Thursday , October 28 2021

Rafael Ramirez denies kinship with detainees in Spain in Agenda


"These two men, José Ramón Sánchez Rodríguez Luis Rodríguez Cabello are my cousins, even nafhom about treatment or any kind & # 39; relationship," said Ramirez f & # 39; Efrain during a telephone interview.

The former Minister of Energy and former Venezuelan representative before the UN is currently in exile, Although its location is unknown, and he claims he was persecuted by the government & # 39; Nicolás Maduro, stressing that a properly coordinated campaign by the Venezuelan Government to do harm to his name.

F & # 39; statement, Ramirez said he was "warned" that Maduro was "coordinating actions with the new government & # 39; Spain, To carry out his agenda & # 39; persecution and hatred "against him.

"All these actions are the product of secret negotiations conducted by officials Maduro sent Madrid to extradite political persecution between the two countries", said in the statement.

Ismael Oliver, a lawyer in Spain & # 39; Sánchez Rodríguez Rodríguez Cabellotold Efe on Sunday that his clients are cousins ​​& # 39; Former President of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) that, according to Ramirez, "is totally false".

Spanish court held hearing & # 39; Wednesday about the process & # 39; extradition & # 39; Sánchez Rodríguez, but the appearance before the Audiencia Nacional de España of & # 39; Rodríguez Cabello has not been established.

The Spanish prosecutor has already proven for the extradition to Venezuela of the two Venezuelan.

According to Oliver, both abandoned themselves to a police station in & # 39; Madrid when they were seeking political asylum in Spain and when they found that Venezuela had issued a & # 39; arrest against them.

Both are accused by their country & # 39; passive corruption, influence & # 39; marketing, money laundering and criminal association because it contributed to the deviation & # 39; & # 39 million; euro from PDVSA, case under investigation in the country & # 39; t America & # 39; South and even in & # 39; Andora, where some of those involved in the bleached – money by – Public Banking of & # 39; Andorra (BPA).

Ramirez criticized the Spanish two Venetian lawyer, said that "to use his name to say that his clients are victims & # 39; political persecution against Ramirez and nothing out & # 39; to make, nor know to these -People or we get & # 39; they are problems. stuck. "

The former president & # 39; PDVSA said yes is the first cousin & # 39; Diego Salazar, Held almost a year ago in – and held in Venezuela – cells – of Service & # 39; Bolivarian Intelligence (Sebin) to be linked to the case of BPA, which is supposed to have nearly 200 million dollars.


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