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Reduction and destruction of Venezuelan oil


26 & # 39; November 2018 12:55 PM
Updated 26 & # 39; November 2018 1:07

The wrong policies implemented by the State at Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) generated diverse and permanent damage to the ecosystem which includes the Guayana region. The oil spill, the deteriorated equipment and malpractice in the process & # 39; extraction & # 39 left a mark; great destruction represents a serious environmental risk, said the portal Bloomberg.

The water courses are the key elements affected by this situation, as well as crops. Both are victims of scenario & # 39; corruption within the oil institution, deliberately diverted the resources & # 39; investment.

According to the report divided into Bloomberg, this destructive process is also influenced by the economic imbalance in Venezuela, prompted professionals and skilled workers migrate from the country.

On the other hand, he points out that PDVSA, was once the fourth & # 39; oil company in the world, reached the lowest levels & # 39; Its production in & # 39; in recent years.

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