Monday , September 26 2022

Science explains why children are not similar vegetables


It is common for children to hear the phrase "M & # 39; I have no mommy grass". This action to multiply in the earth house has an explanation by science.

F & # 39; publication on the portal The Huffington Post AustraliaRussell Keast, professor of sensory science and food and Center director & # 39; Sensory Science in Advanced & # 39; Deakin University, explains that the change in children's tastes is due to evolutionary reasons.

"Most of the work we have done in & # 39; & # 39 terms, as people have developed a taste for food was based on caffeine and the role that", he says.

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"The caffeine is composed bitter and you & # 39; found in coffee, in tea and in chocolate. It is also additive to alcoholic drinks. That's interesting because the bitterness itself is one of those signs & # 39; warning, "says the specialist.

But & # 39; Are the vegetables so that children do not like? The researchers & # 39; study suggest that bitter taste of calcium, Very present in vegetables such as spinach and Swiss chard, cabbage, onion, broccoli or thistle, can & # 39; is sensor factor has a very negative impact on children's consumption. Therefore, it is essential to have a little trouble and ability to issajjarhom b & # 39; attractive way and know how tikkombinahom with & # 39; sauces, dairy products, tomatoes and other ingredients that mask the bitter taste that children & # 39; often refuse.

"There are many variations in the way we experience this food. Someone can & # 39; have a great aversjoni on broccoli because they have receptors to melt the bitter responding to a specific compound in broccoli, while others m & # 39; have that receptor and, therefore, do not experience the bitterness of broccoli ", concludes Russell.

So you know, is a common situation, you only need patience to the boy / girl adapt to new flavors, is also a good idea to create creativity in the preparation of grass to win your child's palate.

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