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The Chamba Plan JUVENIL will promote productive fairs to show the occupational choices of the country – Correos del Orinoco


With a view to strengthen the Plan & # 39; JUVENIL Chamba, productive fairs promoted to show the different occupational choices in the country in the production area related Economic Agenda machines Bolivarian, informed the Deputy Minister of and Sport-young, Yurami Quintero, f & # 39; interview & # 39; Monday in Al aire program, a & # 39; Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

He explained that the idea is to show at & # 39; any kind & # 39; horse occupational production in & # 39; areas such as tourism, Social Security, Micro Mission Simon Rodriguez, education, the Energy ministry People Fisheries and Aquaculture, among others.

He stressed that it will promote policies aimed especially at high schools to motivate young people between the fourth & # 39; and fifth year & # 39; secondary school to be productive at the same school and that "we will form teams and productive nġibuhom at the university, urbanisms, communities and bases & # 39; missions."

On the other hand, he mentioned that the project productive youth camps for recovery & # 39; & # 39 companies in; coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, some units & # 39; production, among others.

"We have several purposes, including the contribution to agriculture and food machine, the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, and installed 200,000 people in the Vuelta al Campo" policy, for the recovery of land and advance the production of seeds.

Quintero also explained that within the plan in the social field are social workers, nurses, everything related to & # 39; issues & # 39; health and education, and this week will begin the incorporation of & # 39; almost 11,000 young in Venezuela Institute & # 39; Social Security (IVSS).

Projection for the year 2019

In an interview, the deputy minister stressed that Chama JUVENIL for 2019 is projected to guarantee the incorporation of & # 39; & # 39 total; 100,000 million registered young and "invite young people to register permanent published on the page, they come with the data of the Carnet de la Patria," he said.

Of that total, nearly 300,000 young are incorporated into & # 39; a productive activity; Young 560,000 studying and "our goal is to make sure they continue to study and b & # 39; productive occupation. We have nearly 190 thousand professional young we will also guarantee their incorporation and nearly 2,000 people b & # 39; some level or postgraduate level & # 39; higher education ", he said.

Quintero meant that nearly 10,000 young man joined the educational system of initial education, primary and secondary and at the same time are linked plan Vuelta a la Patria, through the Chancellor, to offer work to people who return.

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