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The consumption of tea can & # 39; help reduce the risk of & # 39; violation


Beijing.- If you are one of the people who generally do not drinking tea ever m & # 39; & # 39 you again, consider including it in your diet at least once a day because a recent study showed that your The habitual consumption can & # 39; lead to increased bone density.

This benefit has been described as greater results in women, Which helps to reduce the risk of & # 39; bone fracture, so do not wait any longer and get your cup ready.

Eating tea can & # 39; help reduce the risk of & # 39; violation. Photo: Unsplash

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Although little is known about the cause of the association, the research conducted by the Public Health School of the University & # 39; Peking found that consumers & # 39; daily green tea and those who drank tea for more than 30 years have a lower rate of & # 39; breach. according to your hospital. archives

The paper on the research published in international magazines & # 39; Nutrients and Osteoporosis International published this month.

Eating tea can & # 39; help reduce the risk of & # 39; violation. Photo: Unsplash

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greater benefits for those who consume green tea

Li Liming, a professor who led the research, said the study included 453 625 people randomly selected from the Kadoorie Biobanzo of China, and documented their records & # 39; & # 39 fractures; hospital.

Based on the reported consumption of their tea themselves, the researchers found that, compared with & # 39; those who do not drink tea, the tea of ​​the day consumers at risk of & # 39; fractures & # 39; 12% less. Those who drink green tea or tea to be drunk for over 30 years at risk of & # 39; broken hip bones & # 39; 20 to 30 percent.

Said that bone density has become an important public health issue. The previous research also suggested some association between regular tea consumption and greater density & # 39; bones among menopausal women.

He said prospective study still needs more substantial analysis of the sample to obtain more precise results covering the association between consumption of tea and bone density, since the consumption of tea can & # 39; other factors affect, people.

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