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The councilors elections violate the rights to be elected and to elect


28 & # 39; November, 2018 01:15
Updated 28 & # 39; November 2018 07:48

Súmate and the Catholic University Andrés Bello presented a preliminary report on the municipal council elections to be held on 9 & # 39; December.

Among the violations of the right to choose, he detailed that the CNE has not issued the preliminary electoral register within 30 days after the convocation of the process, as Law on electoral processes; number & # 39; of & # 39 points; registration and updating of the electoral register enabled, and the length of the process prevented at least 2 million young people have the opportunity to enroll in RE; of 32 continuous days according to the electoral schedule a special day of registration and updating, the CNE worked 22 continuous days of which 16 days were really, because they do not work the week; points allowed only 38% of the parishes, in addition to not give easy access to voter registration and guarantees and institutional campaign CNE, regarding special day was inadequate and imprecise as to provide the rise of points, and by badly informed dates and conditions for the registration of & # 39; people under 18 years.

With regard to violations of the right to be elected, he described that the CNE modified twice the frame for nominations modifications, planned until October 2, when it was extended, first, from 5 & # 39; October to 6 and then to 9 & # 39; September. a & # 39; that month; published data of & # 39; the final applications b & # 39; over 15 days & # 39; delay, on schedule, and not issued the preliminary applications in time; Nor has allowed citizens aspiring for councilor positions to run on their own initiative, failing to detail as the process instructions or mechanisms & # 39; allowed to validate the signatures & # 39; support; The more than 40 political organization of CNE canceled & # 39; opposition in the last two years does not have to undergo repeated processes & # 39; validation and not considered illegal reasons in the electoral regulations.

On this electoral process did not allow the designation to those organizations that participated in the presidency & # 39; May and the CNE, by allowing the substitution of candidates up to 10 days before the election counselors, recognizing that the election made in 2017 violated the right to replace the parties have candidates within the legal period.

Illegalities in the simulacrum

The CNE called elections without complying with the legal procedure for the definition of & # 39; jurisdictions, which states that the National Assembly must approve the projections of the INE population and, moreover, the circumscriptions of comparison of 2018 elections of councilors to & # 39; those of 2013, shows that the CNE modified the number of & # 39; places to choose and some circumstances, to change the projection of the INE 2018 population.

During the work of 11 & # 39; November, 148 citizens have the controller's office and noted that in the pilot centers there were red areas within 200 meters from the polling center and the use of paper national identity, as well as illegal election propaganda (outside the period & # 39; countryside) and in the vicinity of polling stations, in & # 39; 78.2% of the centers.

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