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The environmentalists claim that PDVSA is pollution & # 39; waterways and farmlands


The PDVSA b & # 39; his health is polluting waterways and farmland, not clean their problems after years of & # 39; negligence, scandals & # 39; low investment and corruption, reports Bloomberg.

From Fabiola Zerpa / Bloomberg

From a distance, the scene is beautiful, dark pool that stands out in the sun & # 39; noon, reflecting the undulating clouds. But when approaching the road filled & # 39; leading a trio of dirt & # 39; storage tanks, strong odor makes clear. It is not cute; Is oil spill.

F & # 39; this place in the Orinoco Belt, a region in Venezuela nomination to the river through the largest oil deposits in the world, so buckets & # 39; pipes underground fled tightly around 2,150 -kwadru tanks filled to the brim. The country is full of these problems, because the infrastructure & # 39; Petroleos de Venezuela changed after years of & # 39; negligence, little investment and scandals & # 39; corruption under the regime of Hugo Chavez dead and his successor as president, Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuela, OPEC member that depends on oil sales for almost half the national budget, is jippumpja to the lowest levels since the 1940s.

The spills are obvious signs of & # 39; what went badly in PDVSA. The company does not publish statistics of the state, but environmentalists, analysts and employees hold endless lists & # 39; & # 39 examples; crude spill, triggered by broken valves, gaskets broken, broken pipes and others, who say that contaminated water courses and agricultural land. , And probably left at & # 39; water containers.

Results & # 39; leakage in Operational Center of Fare of & # 39; PDVSA in the state & # 39; Anzoategui 14 & # 39; October, 2018.

The policy & # 39; cleaning & # 39; PDVSA is tight on paper, because "if the spread is not quickly treated, they become environmental liabilities", said Carmen Infante, industry consultant based in & # 39; Cascar. But resources are so scarce that answers are rarely quick or comprehensive; Tanks of Nance trees near three tanks in the state & # 39; Anzoategui are buried in more than 10 months after oil leak found.

Earthquake & # 39; 5.1 f & # 39; Terjillo left serious structural damage (Photos)

According to workers at & # 39; this area, most of the contractors services specializing in cleaning the spill, with trucks equipped with vacuum cleaners Giants, left the business because they had a lot of trouble PDVSA pay .

The drilling rig and oil rockers are part of the landscape in rural area & # 39; the Orinoco Belt. So there are black lakes, in the pits, under shrubs, along roads, around the tanks. While not all remnants of & # 39; spread, the ground is secondary oil product business; Analysts and consultants & # 39; the industry studied the topic say there is much more than what would be considered normal.

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