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The great Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci • El Nuevo Diario dies

Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci The died Monday at & # 39; Rome at the age of & # 39; 77 years, after a career treat major works & # 39; erotic movies like "The Last Tango in Paris" and the epic drama "NOVECENTO".

Bertolucci, considered a master of Italian cinema and world, won nine & # 39; Oscars in 1988 for "The Last Emperor", the biography of the last Chinese emperor.

"Bertolucci ħallana today at 07: 00" (0600 GMT), confirmed on Monday his press without specifying the causes of his death. According to Italian media, suffered from cancer.

The filmatur had health problems for many years and was confined to a wheelchair since the beginning of & # 39; 2000 after an operation on her back.

Chapel & # 39; burning will install Tuesday at City Hall & # 39; Rome to present farewell to Maestro, while the world of Italian cinema hear & # 39; to the brilliant director.

"He left my last emperor," said Stefania Sandrelli in tears. "His death is also our bit", said Marco Bellocchio.

"I feel great pain (…) piece of our family go away, Fraternal friend, loving, intelligent, genuine, unpredictable, rigorous and implacable, always tells us the truth, the film is part of its wonders of 20th century ", wrote Roberto Benigni in & # 39; note also signed by his wife, the actress Nicoletta Brasch.

The president of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, mentioned turn "great teacher [que] He came in cinema history ", and sent his condolences to" all those who have learned from their artistic and intellectual sensibility ".

Creator of the historical play "NOVECENTO" (1900), the classic made on the struggles of the twentieth century, Bertolucci has generated controversy and scandal with & # 39; "The Last Tango in Paris", shot in 1972 in the French capital .

The film was banned in Italy for the controversial sex scene between Marlon Brando film legend, then f & # 39; one of his last roles, and Maria Schneider.

Schneider, who had 19 years, has affected much of the scene was simulated sodomy, since it was not fully informed before filmazzjoni.

From scandal to the Oscars

Bertolucci was also one of the few Italian film directors to shoot out often. F & # 39; Paris, where he made his last film "Los dreamers" (2003), but also in China b & # 39; "The Last Emperor", in Africa with & # 39; El protector & # 39 ; thousands (or "Refugio para el amor") or in & # 39; Bhutan with "El small Buddha."

Born on 16 & # 39; March, 1941 in & # 39; Parma, affluent city in north-east Italy, Bertolucci visited in & # 39; NOVECENTO (1976) the story of the fight & # 39; class in the rich Po valley through fate & # 39; early twentieth century.

Bertolucci, cinematography relevant figure of the second half of the 20th century Italian / EFE

The film is a prestigious international casting (Robert De Niro, Gérard Depardieu, Burt Lancaster, Dominique Sanda). Another example of & # 39; political cinema is "The conformist", on the left in the days of Italian fascism.

The filmatur grown into & # 39; rich and intellectual environment and started passionate about cinema thanks to "La Dolce Vita" of & # 39; Federico Fellini. His father, poet, professor of history and film critic, gave him his first camera & # 39; 16mm in 15 years.

The consecration of their friends came with & # 39; "The Last Emperor", cut & # 39; in 1987, won nine & # 39; statuettes at the Oscars, including best director.

In addition he was the producer, also wrote the famous film of his kommissarju Sergio Leone, "erases una vez el Oeste".

"The last film emperor"

"He was the last emperor of Italian cinema, the wife & # 39; the epics and all escapades." The party ends: need two to tango dance, "said Gilles Jacob, the former president of the Film Festival in & # 39; Cannes, the AFP on Monday. Golden Palm honorable in 2011 for career all his.

"We will remember him as one of the greats of Italian cinema and worldwide", said the president of the Film Festival & # 39; Venice, Paolo Baratta, recalling that Bertolucci was ippresedja twice on the jury & # 39; this festival, in 1983 and 2013.

La Show also gave ħallsetlu in 2007 by Lion & # 39; Black for his career.

F & # 39; interview with & # 39; AFP in 2013, the producer stated b & # 39; modest way that & # 39; likely go down in history as "discovery & # 39; young actress", after let interpreters like Dominique Sanda, Maria Schneider, Liv Tyler and Eva Green for his films.

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