Wednesday , June 23 2021

"The money is not everything". Tita advise Mauro Boselli

The – continuity & # 39; Mauro Boselli in – Lion has a good amount of & # 39; fans emeralds, and although – opinions are different, the – Milton Queiroz "Tita" others expressed exceeded.

The authorized Brazilian voice, emblem a & # 39; La Fair, recommended the Argentine striker to prevent the dimes and diretes worldwide contract and comply with & # 39; whole way with months to stay for now and not "sells" the opportunity to become a historic club & # 39; Guanajuato.

"The team is rumored departure Mauro Boselli still have six months & # 39; contract. The directive put in a plan that is the desire of the player but I would make a comment, there are things in life that money does not buy, and the opportunity to Mauro making the maximum keeper of the historic goal a & # 39; I do not nbiegħtx institution, pause and finishing my contract Lion and make the highest goal scorer Lion"He observed Tita video he posted on his Facebook page.

Boselli in "eleven ideal" day 17

Although his income was & # 39; little use, Lion not to draw – Liguilla, Mauro Boselli he won – recognition – Liga MX to put it in the 'eleven ideal"A & # 39; the – last day – opening in 2018 in its regular season.

Boselli green and white is the only player to appear in & # 39; this team, and he accompanies on the side of & # 39; forward Rogelio Funes Mori, from Monterrey, Cruz Azul and Martín Cauteruccio from.

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