Saturday , June 25 2022

The Nintendo Creator Program will close out the following month –


Bad news related to & # 39; Nintendo Creators Program. How divided Nintendo, this service will be completed in & # 39; the following December.

The purpose of & # 39; this decision is to provide content creators with the realization and monetization of & # 39; video games in which the content & # 39; Nintendo. For this reason, they will no longer ask the creators to send their videos to this program, So that creators can continue to offer content provided follow the guidelines set by Nintendo and compiled here.

The Nintendo Creators Program expires at the end of & # 39; December. Thanks to everyone who participated in the program!

From here until its closure, still not & # 39; has a specific date, will not be accepted more videos or channels. He also shared that the website of the NCP will remove 20 & # 39, March 2019 and the support of & # 39; those who supported the program is appreciated.

S & # 39; you think?


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