Thursday , June 24 2021

The Venezuela invite the UN Committee for Human Rights in the country | News

The representative of & # 39; Venezuela before the United Nations Office (UN), Jorge Valero, have a letter on Monday by the President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro the High Commissioner for Human Rights (DD.HH.), Michelle Bachelet, to invite it to do official visit to the nation & # 39; t America & # 39; South.

the – President of Venezuela ensure that this area – visit will enable high – commissioner – UN certify the efforts by Government made to guarantee and defend the right human rights in the country

He also claimed that the high commissioner of the Commission UN will know – negative repercussions that – unilateral measures imposed by "adverse factors goal – nation" to try anti – DD.HH. of – Venezuelans

Also, the president & # 39; Venezuela He stressed that "these measures are aimed at undermining the ability of & # 39; the state to guarantee the being of all citizens, to try to impose on the international perspective Venezuela a "failed state".

The ambassador gave Venezuela a file containing all these measures directly affect the economy and the Venezuelan State are exposed.

the – Ambassador Valero ensure that the high commissioner, Michelle Bachelet welcomed the invitation and informed the Commission Office UN and the Government & # 39; Venezuela they will define the date for the visit take place the next year.

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