Sunday , May 28 2023

The view & # 39; Snowden about Bitcoin is a question of figures from the world cryptographic CryptoNews


Money, the best example of the blocks make sense chains

According to Snowden, "Money is, of course, the best example and most famous is proven that blockchains make sense." He pointed out that the traditional monetary systems fail and mention, as an example, the large number of & # 39; nonbank people around the world, events in & # 39; Cyprus and Venezuelan economies and young Zimbabwe.

However, in the specific case of & # 39; Bitcoin, it found that you & # 39; cease to exist, and that only belief that has usefulness as currency exchange and lack of & # 39; BTC is what gave value.

On the other hand, the former US Exile in Russia said he likes Bitcoin transactions due impartiality and their irreversibility. "They really can not be stopped or switched without the explicit and voluntary participation of the people involved." He emphasized that, While not yet in private money, Bitcoin is the first money "free".

As private money, Snowden told Wizner there crypto munitions to compete with Bitcoin, such monero and zcash, whose transactions are difficult to follow and "really private".

For Snowden, needed & # 39; of & # 39 protocols; better consensus of Labor test and test & # 39; Participation, indicating the amount of & # 39; energy required and the major investors in electricity iffavoriment and equipment & # 39; POW and the unlimited search and greedy for rent "from the kriptokonanzi owners in & # 39; Pos. However, for Snowden , "the original creator of & # 39; Bitcoin drew extraordinarily intelligent scheme: type & # 39; global contest of mathematics ".

reactions Criptomond

The ecosystem figures like John Carvalho, Nic Carter, Ricardo Spagni and Vitalik Buterin reacted with & # 39; that Snowden shared.

Developer & # 39; Bitcoin John Carvalho wrote that his opinion had no weight in the ecosystem, since he was never part of it. He also said that it takes time to understand the complexities of the technology and how Bitcoin blocks chains alone fail in the vast majority of & # 39; attributes that the attribute "blockchain" give and added: "I discourage people to trust the opinion of & # 39; someone who is not an expert, I think it is a useful reminder. Especially when they are trying to sell a book. The point is that they had to call an expert to comment, not a celebrity. "

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