Wednesday , June 23 2021

The Yankees field Ronald Torreyes AL BAT

Judge Aaron and Ronald Torreyes

Judge Aaron and Ronald Torreyes

| AP

The Yankees of & # 39; New York made a rather surprising move Monday, describing assignment for one of their most popular players to make room on the roster & # 39; 40 with a pitcher.

According to the same of the Bronx Bombers announced on their Twitter account, they have designated for assignment the Venezuela infielder Ronald Torreyes to request through & # 39; exemptions to handkerel Birdwell Parker of the Los Angeles Angels.

Only Venezwel spent three seasons with the Yankees of & # 39; New York, and was appreciated for his versatility on the ground, but also for his great contribution to the team's clubhouse. Torreyes could not be consolidated as an undisputed inside the dealership, and spent most of his time in New York in & # 39; minor ligh.

As a Major League Baseball player, Torreyes had 221 games with flannel Yankees, hitting .281 with & # 39; 4 home runs and 55 RBI.

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