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WhatsApp and problem & # 39; applications to install stickers


M & # 39; there are many applications that can trigger a number of & # 39; like passions WhatsApp. In fact, it is one of the culprits that smartphones have become popular because everyone wanted mobile just for that, send WhatsApp. And now that the stickers arrived in the application is logical that the way & # 39; communication is a triumph: everyone wants to send stickers.

the – stickers or stickers WhatsApp arrived at after months & # 39; development and leaks. They made b & # 39; integrated small pool in app; and the possibility to add new stickers b & # 39; a very simple way: installation & # 39; new applications.

WhatsApp has chosen the easiest way to leave the exploitation of the new functionality in & # 39; handset developers without exercising any kind & # 39; control f & # 39; of & # 39; content, control or security terms; yes, it holds some recommendations. The applications do not compromise the application of the messages because they only add images in the library in the format of WhatsApp PNG or WEBP. Very different is the risk of & # 39; the apps which these stickers.

permits Beware of & # 39; allowed applications to install WhatsApp

WhatsApp Stickers

As a general rule, and having looked at the most popular applications related to the topic, do not abuse the permits, limiting access to storage (to store the stickers) and, at best, Internet access . Print advertisements on the screen Which generally found as examples of & # 39; apps they go on permits requested, Such as catch you above.

It is so easy to "hinder" the extra user & # 39; unnecessary allowed not surprising that some developers take advantage of it. At the end of the day the person you are looking for stickers is considered to detect which permits require application brings stickers, at least with & # 39; in general. Imagine young Trojan horses can & # 39; is made, for example, to introduce Trojans on smartphones.

WhatsApp Stickers

That opens the door for applications was reckless. Not because it involves risk & # 39; serious WhatsApp security for itself, but because a large part of the public is not aware of & # 39; installer. Suffice it seeks to improve the image we like and we will know that we can send them with a click, enough. Data theft and advertising is secondary infection

Ads excessive, non & # 39; privacy … Applications & # 39; sticker can be & # 39; risk

WhatsApp is changing the way stickers are installed and distributed. It is true that with the application process is democratizing, but it is also true that, with the gigantic scope of application & # 39; messages, It is a very great temptation for those m & # 39; unscrupulous have to develop apps.

S & # 39; you should take into consideration before you install a new package & # 39; stickers on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Stickers

The warning of the problems involved in & # 39; something means finding the best ways to avoid risks. The first is obvious: do not install any package & # 39; stickers. But neither is the case: they are not only an excellent way to increase & # 39; customize WhatsAppNor & # 39; to create problems if the applications used by & # 39; wise way.

The installation & # 39; new stickers is not bad, you just have to be careful / a b & # 39; what download

Failing & # 39; repository managed by WhatsApp where everyone can & # 39; erect & # 39; their designs for users to add them with little touches (Telegram is much more advanced in & # 39; this point) this is what you should consider before you install new applications & # 39; stickers:

  • Always read the permissions before you download anything from Google Play, Are new stickers to WhatsApp or any other application. M & # 39; have confidence when they exceeded in petitions (with "Another reason: access to networks and the Internet"It's more than enough.
  • Make sure you are stickers you want. In case you will not use them, uninstall the-Application.
  • Make frequent cleaning applications stickers and only use the ones you like most.
  • Keep in & # 39; mind when deleting an application also stickers disappear. WhatsApp settle this: once installed the application should be able stickers & # 39; removed.

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