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Wounded four & # 39; PNB b & # 39; grenade | Road


Photo: Archive

Photo: Archive

Dadniuska Aristigueta

Over – south & # 39; this Tuesday, four & # 39; officers – The PNB was attacked by & # 39; fragmentation grenade. The event had been held on August of municipal & # 39; El Valle, the municipality of & # 39; Libertador.

The day mentioned above, the four & # 39; police were stationed at the controls of the area where criminal, who was passing through the place motorcycle on board, was intercepted in the first, when he would be rikjestat, grannat announced against the commission and immediately fled from the site.

The injured were identified as Staff Alzuru Héctor José Hernández, (33) and Williams Quero, Presenting polytraumatism a splinter, Darwim Lorenzo Verdi Marcano (27) who lost his right hand and Milagros Gutiérrez, who was struck in the left side due to the impact of & # 39; splinter.

In the event that a woman passing through the place was hit by the explosion so she was transferred to Miguel Pérez Carreño Hospital like PNB.

Intgħallem criminals dead ends.

Aragua Uniform, belonging to the GNB, killed afternoon & # 39; this Sunday in Blanca Tierra sector is on the national road leading to San Juan de Los Morro, municipality & # 39; Ezequiel Zamora.

It turned out that the victim, identified as Alexander Renny Oscio Briceño, was approached by a criminal, when he was buying food, with the intention of removing it from the weapon of its regulation. The military opposed theft, f & # 39; what extent was killed by shooting b & # 39; one antisocial.

After killing, the thugs caught the Beretta pistol & # 39; Renny and fled.
Officials of Cicpc region carrying out the corresponding investigations to find the killers situation SERGENT third major of the above-mentioned military body on.


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