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After the scandal was blatant, Liu De Li was avvelat from mother to Star Boy


Episode 1 of the film Run wave of young spring, the main girl Liu De Li met & # 39; mixed opinions from the audience.

Mexxeh youth The film is broadcast instead Quynh Dolls just ended. Since it was not broadcast, the film was affected by a large number of & # 39; audiences to boycott because the main wife Liu De Li contracted scandal stepfather. However, many others are still hoping to develop & # 39; Vietnamese films at the moment.

volume 1 Mexxeh youth drew a lot of interesting contradictions like daughter mother & # 39; An (Luu De Li) boys, An was suspected to be a thief and shelter … But acting and give form & # 39; Liu De Again another & # 39;, there are many negative responses from viewers.

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An unfortunate is a university student. Her mother, Thanh Tu, always takes her daughter "debtor" as the cause of her inability to find a good man. American sfurzatha mother to keep her back while she did not want her to be miserable time.

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Because of her passion for red, she had her money to her mother. As was spotted, the American girl was rubbing herself, and her mother to come ġbidha & # 39; on its head before the eyes & # 39; An. It was because America whose love spring and south (Manh Truong) ended in suffering. Because she and his father married to each other.

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An attend school in the distance, Mrs. America often find, aggressive, treasure daughter to get money. Also, threatened to tear the picture & # 39; An old and love to seħħha to deliver the money. Stripped & # 39; money, she and her lover happily to the silver screen and "baked" clean birth.

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Daughter transferred to the hotel, changed the phone number, the American Institute school to pull another 3 million after the game lost. Finally, a bite to borrow money to tagħtilek mother.

Getting her money, she gave her lover cheer. It also boasted that her mother should be able to & # 39; An deals, grasp its weakness. The quick money deposited lover and happy to wait for its American Silver.

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Overjoyed, An called the police. American and its American lover immersed in the game without knowing that the police are coming. When taken with the car, the woman looked at An American with hatred, anger. When expelled back home, is bursting & # 39; in & # 39; flavors as she dealt with the mother so intimately.

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Relationship & # 39; m the mother & # 39; has no way to save, her relationship with friends in dogs is not good. When she arrived here, An irritja to two roommates. With guys under the house, warm ilbieshom, An still cold, f & # 39; blow refuse to be friends.

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Thereafter, An was also Phi (Huynh Anh) its collusion with suspected thief stealing his car. By Talk to Phi saw two thieves. Moreover, when the thief followed the car, despite the chance to block, again look bleach, does not prevent.

An Phi is more confident than when he was idly thief holding a wallet & # 39; Nam. He was not expecting that Nam is the old lover & # 39; An wallet and dropped from the South.

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Episode 1 b & # 39; so interesting details, but act as & # 39; Liu De Li is skruffy audience "pale", expressive hard, bulk voice emotions. It also considered too old to be a college student.

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The attitude & # 39; the An built character in the film also makes the irritation & # 39; the viewer's eyes. Knowing that she must grow in suffering, but suffering much attitude as "mother & # 39; each galaxy", fangs, the need for & # 39; An unacceptable.

The friends tried to walk dogs and get along with & # 39; An, but it held them as enemies, such as ear nails.

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However, some viewers claimed that due to the new Episode 1, it is possible to Liu De Li was completely absorbed in the character. The story also has many contradictory circumstances, can & # 39; in the following episode, hidden corner in life & # 39; An compel the viewer.

Mexxeh youth The next episode is broadcast in 21: 40 Monday and Tuesday every week.

At least two scenes cut hot, so the audience ... self-understanding.

The title of director Quynh BUP Bau showed that the hot scenes appear on the screen.

According to Hoang Linh (Discovery)

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