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Cong Phuong scored, 10 years & # 39; joy Bau Duc could not be happy

Two consecutive sessions & # 39; deduction last week made the HAG shares & # 39; Hoang Anh Gia Lai – HAGL of & # 39; Doan Nguyen Duc (Duc Bau) under the limit & # 39; 5,000 VND / share while the world price of rubber is still relentless price increases and a & # 39; & # 39 morning; January 21, a new peak in the last year: 198.5 yen / kg (1,812 USD / ton), equivalent to an increase & # 39; 48% at & # 39; about two months.

Share & # 39; & # 39 of HNG; Hoang Anh Gia Lai Joint International Agricultural Company & # 39; Agriculture (HAGL Agrico) – The subsidiary & # 39; HAGL of & # 39; Duc Bau also decreased from more than 17,000 VND / share to 14,000 VND / share during the last month.

The shares of Bau Duc ongoing at the bottom despite news that a surge in rubber prices is expected to have a positive impact on the business results of these entrepreneurs.

For about ten years, Doan Nguyen Duc began investing in & # 39; rubber tree in & # 39; Attapeu (Laos) total area of ​​about 40,000 hectares. S & # 39; now, the gum area can be exploited to approximately 18 thousand hectares.

In the past 10 years, the capital of Bau Anh of Hoang Anh Gia Lai poured into the rubber is very large, with the cost of the investment for hectares of rubber is 5,000 USD, where technology compensation irrigation pressure cut to 1,000 USD. In addition, there are large investments in factories and surrounding infrastructure …

The reason for the increase in rubber price did not reflect really b & # 39; a positive way on the stock price & # 39; Duc Bau because of rubber products & # 39; HAGL Agrico without much demand in the world, the Vietnam of the tire companies. importing other types of rubber as the country can not produce it on its own.

Cong Phuong scored, 10 years & # 39; joy Bau Duc could not be happy - 1

Voting Germany met & # 39; Wenger (Arsenal) and created a historic change for Vietnamese football.

The price of the stock stock & # 39; Duc Bau still declining and are at the bottom because investors are concerned that the business debt remains high while the business prospect is not really bright . F & # 39; new information published in the last week, the HAGL of & # 39; Bau Duc asked to extend the disclosure & # 39; information & # 39; s separate financial statements and consolidated financial statements for the year 2019 for 10-15 days.

The reason given is because the company has many business activities, there are numerous subsidiaries and associates abroad (Laos, Cambodia, …). Collection & # 39; data for the preparation of & # 39; separate financial statements and consolidated financial statements is complicated and time consuming.

The debt issue has still worry about the business of Bau Duc. At the end of three months of 3/18, the debt & # 39; & # 39 HAG yet; over 21 trillion dong, of which nearly 5.8 trillion dong is a short term loan.

In fact, the debt HAGL has fallen sharply compared with the beginning of 2018, but the payment of bank interest is still quite large, accounting for a large proportion in revenue.

Moreover, although the rubber price has increased by almost 50% in the last term, remains low compared with the peak & # 39; several years ago. The price of & # 39; 1,800 USD / ton is still well below the peak & # 39; 5,500 USD / ton.

Cong Phuong scored, 10 years & # 39; joy which made Duc Bau not happy - 2

3 times to invite Korea coach Park Hang-Seo to Vietnam – the right decision for the Vietnam Football flying peak in 2018 and is aiming for gains in Asian Cup 2018.

Regarding the outlook for the medium and long term, the companies & # 39; Duc Bau are expected to be more positive with capital from Thaco of & # 39; Tran Ba ​​Duong USD billionaire to reduce debt. The rubber prices are rising and income from giant garden will also help businesses Duc Bau gradually become stable.

The positive signs from trade negotiations between the United States and China are also expected to have a positive impact on the business & # 39; Duc Bau. Negotiating a good helping Chinese economy avoid a reduction in growth and it will certainly be good news for the rubber business & # 39; Duc Bau.

In the stock market, liquidity remains very low. The VN Index is about 900 points.

At the end of last week, stocks have again achieved a pillar as Masan, Vinhomes, Hoa Phat … but the tight cash flow could not help much to the overall market Foreign investors returned to net sales , lack of supporting information.

Some securities companies are still cautious views on forecasts.

Bao Viet Securities (BVSC) said that the market will vary in & # 39; side direction and accumulates in & # 39; narrow range, along with & # 39; strong divergence among stocks in the new week. Liquidity is showing signs of moving a number of stock groups but generally remains quite limited and highly selective. The market liquidity is also provided varying only in the media in the weeks approaching Tet.

SHS predicts that large liquidity has not shown signs of & # 39; return to the market, especially in the context of & # 39; the end of the lunar year, investors have come out of the market and not back. Nor does it exclude the possibility that some investors switched to trade in the derivatives market to make a profit even if the market fell & # 39 ;.

Closing the trading session on 18 & # 39; in January, VN-Index rose 0.41 points to 902.3 points; HNX Index fell 0.37 points to 101.56 points. The upcomin Index fell 0.03 points to 53.23 points. The market liquidity has reached 170 million units, worth 4.3 trillion VND.

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