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Flutters with your lover, the girl moved the room and announced segrettament love – you young


# 16 410: Love your lover.

Do not know NEU. I do not & # 39; My roommate (my two girls). I like a lot of people but now nissalvaw and are single. And in the past friends with ever loved someone, go to college and love the actual love 4 months. His lover never left anyone, well look, b & # 39; good way, humorous … and very hot.

I just met & # 39; it 5 times, once happened to come in school, once got my friend, the rest was when went to the cooking room (he alone and his cook, my friend sat Play) . After meeting & # 39; and also talked and heard my best friend, and really impressed with simpatizzat account.

My friend told him childish, always smiling and losing, always ask all nonsense like "eating rice with today & # 39; that?" … It criticizing lack of & # 39; respects, too honest, so often lost, and he also criticized that it does not understand the psychology of girls, that "kissing also scared", criticism is poor, bad cook, he has a dream & # 39; away from reality, poor

But it is the first love to know that the child & # 39; love is always on your side and act like children. He does not know X & # 39; I say, but remember to ask questions in order to have something to say. She told her not to do, simply because he was a man. She told him straight, but it is a good virtue bad.

She told her to be honest, then he was not good enough, because it was talking about how good. He complained that he did not understand the psychology of girls, simply because he was honest and ended with & # 39; many. It's bad criticizing, why does he look at how it does not depend on anyone.

He refuses to be cooked, but he does not see how hard it is to cook. He wished him a dream, he did not see the size of & # 39; lice. He wished he was undoubtedly, but it did not suit people of & # 39; entourage was so hurt & # 39; and knew of his activities, he knew friends of his family, knew his hobbies. , Interested in things around … And if you knew more about?

And again another & # 39;, did not know that her roommate was never understand how they were boys. He knew that his best friend had some feelings for him. Every time you tell him, he does not know his buddy just smirked, jealous & # 39; so lucky …

More importantly, he does not know that his friend will be & # 39; away, not him and his friend will confess him.

And my dear friend, if you read this confession, then it is time to confess. If still loves you, congratulations, you have a wonderful person and friend lose badly,

F & # 39; Hanoi on 23/11.

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