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Gameshow "Single Guy" deprived grant contestants because she was a single mother who hide Lao Dong Online | LAODONG.VN


As the final winner of the program "The Bachelor Vietnam", however, Thuy Duong has denied the reward for concealing & # 39; his single mother.

"Single Man" has been licensed by Warner Bros., broadcast weekly starting at 8.30pm on 14 & # 39; August 2015 on HTV7. The last episode of & # 39; the show was released on 13 & # 39; November

Right after the last episode of & # 39; "The Bachelor Vietnam – single guy"Was published, wave & # 39; indignazzjoni from the audience raised when Thuy Duong – contestant decided to confer a single mother.

Thuy Duong cry when confessat as a single mother.

Although the United States – "single guy"Accepted it, but the girls participated in the program as well as male MC and the audience was extremely angry surprise on such information.

Thuy Duong added that she decided to hide her single mother because there was so obsessive that it could not open her private life.

Many viewers find it difficult to accept the fraudulent actions & # 39; Thuy Duong. Previously, a single mother had to stop the program because Quoc Trung believes that it was impossible to change the relationship with the child.

The MC and girls took part in the show when he heard & # 39; Thuy Duong confess.

After a series of & # 39; criticisms from the audience, recently, on the official Fanpage program published the official notice of the deprivation of reward & # 39; Thuy Duong.

"After the incident, the organizers found that the contestant Bui Thuy Duong intentionally concealed information & # 39; organizers are seriously infringed the rules of the program and also potentially affect reputation. As the faith, love & # 39; the audience, the watching and supporting the program "The Singles 2018"

Therefore, the program organizers "The Singer 2018" shall withdraw all awards given to Thuy Duong at the end of the program, "quoted the organizers.

Thuy Duong receive a cash prize of & # 39; 200 million VND, card & # 39; membership & # 39; VND 200 million contract & # 39; ambassadors from major brands. .

Mother Thuy Duong Trung also declined after knowing the information.

Although the statement does not compromise the absence of & # 39; transparency affects the prestige of the program, but organizers still want the best for the pair & # 39; Thuy Duong Trung Quoc and.

The announcement received a lot of support from program organizers audience, but most people do not rriżenjawx of anger & # 39; Thuy Duong.

Previously, the game "The Bachelor Vietnam – single guy"Prompted controversy about the strange grounds for 24 children who" fought "one child.

The girls will turn to winter, find boys and every set & # 39; boys will give roses to girls to feel good and can & # 39; go & # 39; away. As the program would first episodes, the idea is that the program fails women and contrary to gender equality.

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