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Lo disqualified Quang Hai Football 24 hours


Thursday, 11/29/2018 08:57 (GMT + 7)

The picture of the Philippines was concerned about the loss of & # 39; too pillar before the semi final against Vietnam.

The performance of & # 39; Quang Hai against Cambodia (Rights & # 39; author of Next Media, broadcast from VTC)

The fear of the Philippines national team

The Philippines is facing many difficulties before welcoming Vietnam in the semi-final AFF Cup 2018 to be held on 2 & # 39; December. Having passed the group, Sven Goran Eriksson the coach had to divide five players due to force majeure so only in Swedish master & # 39; 18 player hands.

The Philippines lost the mainstay of Vietnam: Lo was eliminated, Quang Hai - 1

Inkjiner said the Philippines is difficult to repeat the "Hanoi miracle" in the absence of & # 39; very pillars

Thus, the press is reluctant to Philippines 'Azkals' since the team lost so great pillar before battle. "The depth of the team & # 39; Azkals challenged when many of the defenders were absent from the match against Vietnam," said Inkjirier.

In the article, the reporter Cedelf P. Tupa remarked that the greatest loss when confronted with Vietnam Philippines is the lack of the two pillars of the goalkeeper and midfielder Etheridge Strauss.

The player & # 39; 28 years showed his talent when negotiating for Cardiff City in the English Premier League while midfielder who had the Erzgebirge FC (second-rate) was a major stop in & # 39; half the Philippines in the group stages.

This writer also said that the Philippines is difficult to repeat the miracle & # 39; "Hanoi Miracle" 8 years ago by "Azkals" lost b & # 39; surprising way in advance and Vietnam is currently strongly opposed many do & # 39; very young and famous players.

"The Vietnamese team has many players with & # 39; talent with the heart of 23; team in Vietnam," said Nguyen Quang Hai, the midfielder who scored two goals in the league this year. .

ticket price in Philippines

The Association of Football Vietnam officially sold semi-final AFF Cup 2018 between Vietnam and the Philippines in & # 39; online form than 28/11. Tickets can be sold within a few minutes if the sale of tickets is not overloaded, although the ticket price is not cheap (from 200,000 to 500,000 VND / card).

The Philippines lost the Vietnam pole: Lo eliminated, Quang Hai - 2

The ticket prices in the Philippines are only one-third cheaper than in Vietnam

Few people know that the Philippines also began to sell the same ticket the first day to Vietnam. However, the fare is much cheaper. The maximum fare for a ticket is only & # 39; 400 Philippines pesos (equivalent to 177,000 VND) while the lowest fare (free seat) is just 100 pesos (44,000 VND).

However, the Philippines is still struggling for tickets in the country do not attract attention as basketball or volleyball. The master Phil Younghusband just asked for the fans come to the place where the Philippines have less fans coming into the area after the group stage. AFF Cup 2018.

Five Filipino players will miss the semi-final against Vietnam

Patrick Strauss (Erzgebirge Aue, Germany) – The club called

Daisuke Sato (OSK Sepsis, Romania) – Club meeting & # 39;

Stephan Palla (United Buriram, Thailand) – The club meeting & # 39;

Neil Etheridge (Cardiff City, English Premier League) – Club meeting & # 39;

Luke Woodland (suphanburi F.C, Thailand) – injury

The semi-finals of the AFF Cup Vietnam, the Philippines leaders show more fear

The Philippine legend shows the greatest fear & # 39; of Vietnam in the AFF Cup.

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