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Members of the National Assembly meet with voters in the district & # 39; Phong Dien Can Tho


26 & # 39; in November, the President of the National Assembly Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan and the Delegation Unit 1, Can Tho City met & # 39; with voters in Long Truong commune, district & # 39; Phong Dien. Responding to voters about the prevention of corruption, the Chairman of the National Assembly said that when discussing the amended Law on Corruption, the National Assembly wants people to participate in the supervision of prevention corruption, it's time to take measures to protect people, reward the person who denounced corruption so that people participate with & # 39; actively.

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The Station & # 39; National Assembly Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan speak during the meeting.

More than 300 voters from district & # 39; Phong Dien attended the meeting. Many enthusiastic opinions about local and national issues were exchanged by voters in the district & # 39; Phong Dien, questioned by deputies to the & # 39; National Assembly.

Because of this, the current anti-corruption work of the Party and the state has achieved positive results. For this work to be more effective in the coming time, voters Huynh Chi Dung proposed: "The Party and the state should be more aggressive in fighting corruption, more rigorous enough to deter; In same time, it is stipulated that people have a right to know the role of responsibility of people to access information and participate in monitoring corruption so that people with the Party and State to get the best results ".

President of the National Nguyen Thi Assembly Kim Ngan said: "The National Assembly passed the Law revised Prevention of Corruption. When discussing the revised law against corruption, the National Assembly wants people to participate in the fight against corruption and has a voice at the same time taking measures to protect the exposure and also have merit. reward people who report corruption so that people participate with & # 39; actively. The mechanisms of & # 39; prevention are very specific in law, have a wide range & # 39 ;, improve the penalties to identify and handle crimes & # 39; corruption to prevent abuse or lack of & # 39; transparency and democracy. People do not properly understand or participate in corruption. When discussing the Law on protection of state secrets, also seen that if something is secret will all affect the right to know people. The voter opinion is very correct. "

While paying attention to agriculture, the voter Pham Van Tu, Truong Long commune, district & # 39; Phong Dien said that cooperation to improve the quality and prices of agricultural products to meet -rekwiżiti market. , People are more disadvantaged.

"Currently, farmers do not have access to the policy & # 39; government support to connect production in the value chain. Spontaneous production only, market-driven. Since then, the products were not increased the value of manufactured products, "said voter Pham Van Tu.

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The place of the meeting with voters.

President of the National Assembly Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan said that the 13th National Assembly promulgated the Law on Cooperatives, the model & # 39; economic cooperation. "I find that people produce very delicious, but the value is low. When the supermarket value is very high. My Fatherland, twelve Siamese twins were only 12 left only 48,000. While the coconut to come in & # 39; Hanoi is 50,000 VND / fruit, then the price of agricultural products is low. But with & # 39; clearly, farmers are in control of the market and more profitable not farmers but commercial. much hope that the Cooperative Law study by & # 39; concrete way, this is also the work of the state desire. On the basis of & # 39; the voters opinion, will steer the agencies & # 39; policy research to see if all state policies set out in the law are sufficient, the people were approached, set in Providing guidance for local people and beneficiaries to benefit from provided in politics & # 39; this law. this issue is very large, it is a cooperative economic issue. "

At the meeting, the voters also appreciated the Sixth Session, the National Assembly made inquiries, b & # 39; always inquiries and answers, creating appealing to voters to follow. The Speaker of & # 39; National Assembly said that the questioning and interrogation had forms of & # 39; supervision by the National Assembly; It shows bravery, ability, level and deċiżività of & # 39; each member of the Government. The National Assembly issued a resolution on the questioning and answering & # 39; questions, the fulfillment of promises by members of the Government. During this period, the National Assembly carries questioning twice (f & # 39; middle and end of period) in the form of & # 39; above, while the National Assembly selects the pressing issues people are interested in inviting members of the Government answer questions in & # 39; each meeting.

Upon receipt of the opinion of voters, the Chairman of the National Assembly to summarize and draw experienced, continue to reform the form & # 39; questioning and answering questions at the following time. Under the program, the following morning (27 & # 39; November), the Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan and unity of the delegation 1, TP. Can & # 39; tho contacting voters in the district & # 39; Cai Rang.

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