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Phi Thanh Van, Hong Que and steering to change their fate


Monday, 11/26/2018 18:59 (GMT + 7)

Que Hong crossed, it fixes the nose to change fate, and Phi Thanh Van said, the repair parts are afraid to influence overall.

Phi Thanh Van, Hong Que and staging star & # 34; change your destiny & # 34; - 1

Brown used to repair collagen

Recently, Hong Que publicly edited his nose on his personal page. In the past, she said, her nose was tall but rugged, with a little jump with her mouth and diverted sideways. Therefore, decided to correct with the most modern methods & # 39; collagen implants. It takes only 10 minutes but can & # 39; last 5-8 years.

Many people ask why Hong Que already well modified, the mother said milk: "It nagħmelx nose because of the movement but because I inbiddel fortune for the better."

Before the Hong Que, there are also many other Vietnamese stars altered the perception, as Phi Thanh Van, Quoc Thien, Le Giang.

Phi Thanh Van, Hong Que and staging star & # 34; change your destiny & # 34; - 2

Phi Thanh Van has been dubbed as the 'Queen of CUTLASSES "in Vietnamese showbiz. Phi Thanh Van is one of the most beautiful beauty & # 39; Vietnamese showbiz. For this look, she straps, cut eyelids, nose lift, breast lift, pump round 3 … She once shared: "I am psychic lady, so when niffissa any part of my body, afraid & # 39; it affects my number." When Phi Thanh Van decides to paint his white skin simply because they must change his fate, he finds better in love.

Phi Thanh Van, Hong Que and staging star & # 34; change your destiny & # 34; - 3

Singing Quoc Thien correction & # 39; public nose at the beginning of & # 39; Ottubru2018. Earlier in & # 39; October, 1818, the singer admits Quoc Thien repair of the nose to the fans. He shared: "Before, my nose was very nice, but when I met with the master feng shui, my nose would not be favorable in & # 39; certain aspects, so after a month I thought, I decided to change my The nose is more eloquent. " He said the nose by editing the master of feng shui will bring more advantages in life and singing career.

Phi Thanh Van, Hong Que and staging star & # 34; change your destiny & # 34; - 4

The comedian Le Giang must correct the beauty behind every bad luck. The Le Giang comedian once said: "Every time I look in the mirror and see something unhappy on his face, or bad luck, I inbiddel my face." She made her first nose at the age of & # 39; 29 years because she was of the opinion that if you change the nasal structure leads to a change in its number bringing luck in money and in love. In order to have the perfect nose present, is corrected 6 times in Australia.

The Brown & # 39; Hong had decorated nose, beautiful hundred & # 39; thousands & # 39; times past

The nose of cinnamon cooked bone right of & # 39; nose 10 minutes, with only the collagen implant.

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