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S & # 39; Are lawyers at the airport & # 39; Tho Xuan?


26 & # 39; November, telephone conversations with newspaper journalists worker, Mr Le Van NHI (SN 1977, who lives in the municipality of & # 39; Xuan Quang, district & # 39; Tho Xuan, province & # 39; Thanh Hoa) acknowledged to be one of three people related case The fight against female aviation staff At the airport (CHK) Tho Xuan cause shaking & # 39; public opinion over the past few days.

S & # 39; Are lawyers at the airport & # 39; Tho Xuan? - Photo 1.

Le Van NHI (right), one of the three men beat female aviation staff

The man who plays aviators is "or not lover, but if you encounter & # 39; road and be courteous to each other, no one thinks back. M & # 39; there are no innocent people are so emotionally involved to do such things, but he tells the employee seems to have power behind it, so to speak, b & # 39; voice & # 39; challenging. other ".

"I have other people like me, normal was invited, so read my hand and said:" You have to help me a camera to take the picture. "This means that he asked once, but her brother sent it. Doubled back so he wanted to shoot for the full brothers, so grabbed his hand (aviation official female – PV) took the phone because it took photos again & # 39; other, but said: "give you three seconds to let. "Because that statement would cause urgent, conducted on the issue." – Le Van NHI explain why continue & # 39; ask aviation workers working again Then there was an incident three men saw the female aviation personnel.

According to the man & # 39; above, following the incident, the feeling was wrong had to apologize to the person who has been beaten. "The fact that I'm sad and unfortunate, because the place where the accident occurred is a sensitive place to do things like that. It ngħidlekx", said a participant in the attack & # 39; female aviation officer at the airport a & # 39; Tho Xuan and said "it's a bit embarrassing to hit women".

The man also said that the police are requested and are consolidating records, as well as handle unknown. "My job was wrong, now fled. By & # 39; this, staff and security also contains lessons to make it better" – said NHI.

Clip & # 39; three young men attacking two female workers aviation Airport & # 39; Tho Xuan (Thanh Hoa)

Previously, like Gazette worker The incident was confirmed at the airport & # 39; Tho Xuan, in the province of & # 39; Thanh Hoa. An employee was beaten to Vietjet Air, which happened in & # 39; about 14:00 pm on 23 & # 39; in November.

Police investigated and attacked a group & # 39; youngest Pham Huu An (residing in & # 39; Wi Ve Ve, city Thanh Hoa), Le Van NHI (living in Xuan commune in Quang, Xuan Tho district) and Le Xuan Trung Dung, district & # 39; tho Xuan, a province & # 39; Thanh Hoa.

F & # 39; then, the group arrived at the airport & # 39; to see Tho Xuan Le Sy Manh to about VN1271 flight, scheduled to jlaqaq in 15 hours and 5 minutes then. When Manh has completed the process of & # 39; check-in, the group asked the employee & # 39; Air Vietjet Air L.T.G to take pictures in the lobby area. The group then asked the G employee to take pictures with him, but refused because of work.

Because they do not meet the requirements, An, NHI, cursing loudly Dung, Pham Huu assault female employees G. Rushed to hit the head and slap in the face of G. personnel, used second hand Simultaneously Mrs. Le Thi H., representative of & # 39; Vietjet Air at the airport & # 39; Tho Xuan, witnessed the incident, outside the block, this group slapped in the face, stomping on the belly. The pictures taken by video and posted on social networks.

S & # 39; Are lawyers at the airport & # 39; Tho Xuan? - Photo 3.

The female staff act & # 39; three young men in & # 39; Thanh Hoa cause urgent publicity – cutting the clip by clip

24 & # 39; in November, the Ministry of Transport sent a letter to the People's Committee of the province & # 39; Thanh Hoa, the department of the province police & # 39; Thanh Hoa and Vietnam Aviation Administration to the Provincial People's Committee & # 39; Thanh Hoa to direct the provincial police & # 39; Thanh Hoa and other authorities manage b & # 39; rigor and take appropriate measures against those who commit acts & # 39; violence cases & # 39; above. At the same time, there are measures to strengthen coordination with force & # 39; aviation security check in & # 39; CHU Tho Xuan ensure good safety and aviation security, response to feedback in & # 39; during which at & # 39; similar situations.

Currently, the CSO police of the district & # 39; Tho Xuan case proceeded, proceeded before the accused three young men to investigate the behavior "impede public order". The Authority & # 39; Aviation of Vietnam officially issued a decision prohibiting & # 39; year b & # 39; six young men, and visual inspection of the twelve next month for three subjects.


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