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S & # 39; it is the police record of the province & # 39; Thanh Hoa?


Thursday 29 & # 39; November 1818 10:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Regarding the audio recording which was attended by the Head of Public Security Thanh Hoa, causing the rumuri 28 & # 39; November, discussed with & # 39; Tien Phong PV, Colonel Khuong Duy Oanh, Deputy Director province & # 39; Thanh Hoa received information about the phonetic spreads on social networks, which reported that the police chief & # 39; Thanh Hoa ran the event.

S & # 39; it is the police record of the province & # 39; Thanh Hoa police chief? & # 34; - 1

The province & # 39; Thanh Hoa received information about the phonetic registration of Thanh Hoa police chief who "ran the case".

Colonel Khuong Duy Oanh said: Having received the information, the police of the province & # 39; Thanh Hoa reported the incident to the Ministry of Public Security to carry out and clarification.

Earlier, 28 & # 39; in November, the social networking site appeared record to say that was the conversation between many people, where the main character is Colonel Nguyen Chi Phuong, Chief of Police Thanh Hoa and a man. He worked in & # 39; this unit. According to the contents of the recording, the man exchanged with theft of motor Colonel method of crime. The parties agree on how much money the man gives Phuong Colonel "to steer the case".

With registration, the subordinated former & # 39; Phuong complained: "Now, military out, unarmed, processed, knew x & # 39; you do now. His son is difficult, his wife is going iwieled, father to his mother senior, with -ħerqa to help him.

After hearing this, the alleged chief of police & # 39; Thanh Hoa said he would study and discuss with the president of the Procuratorate.

Shortly after the recording was aired on social networks, the short exchange with & # 39; the press, Colonel Nguyen Phuong Chi confirmed his participation in the conversation. This exchange takes place 19 or 20 & # 39; July. F & # 39; then, the subordinate of Mr. Phuong, who had worked in the Police Department & # 39; Order, was removed from the title of the People's Police for stealing motorcycles from his office. Later summoned.

According to Phuong Phuong said: The gift is real but then he deliberately does not receive back. He ran away, I've called the team to receive and return. If you receive something from it, I take the title of his police.

Police & # 39; the voices & # 39; Hai Phong police about young people

The Office of Public Safety & # 39; Ho Chi Minh report the results of the investigation of police officers in & # 39; salon Minh Duc (Do Son district, Hai Phong).

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