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Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum are on the air tonight


Meeting is the story & # 39; fatal meeting between Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye Kyo) and Kim Jin Hyuk (Park Bo Gum). It is a small sub-politician once married a wealthy businessman, now divorced, but never one free. It is a small soul, free and liberal. Destiny arranged for a meeting in & # 39; remote location, start and perhaps less turbulent romantic history. Here are some of the most anticipated superhero of next & # 39; TVN.

S & # 39; is hot in Song Hye Kyo the most popular and Park Bo Gum Encounter tonight? - Photo 1.

Meeting is filled film & # 39; romance.

The combination of & # 39; both celebrities Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum

The meeting marks the first collaboration between the two Koreans, Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum. This is also the film that marks the return of & # 39; Song Hye Kyo on the small screen after two years "according to her husband quit the game." Song Hye Kyo was iddabbjata small screen queens, famous not only in Korea, the name & # 39; Song Hye Kyo also covered throughout Asia.

Not only famous for acting experience, but also the Song Hye Kyo force is known as a beautiful age is not beautiful, regardless of age, time & # 39; a beautiful challenge. After married, while the appearance & # 39; Song Joong Ki is unusual, yet beautiful wife. Song Hye Kyo has made it even more by Park Bo Gum to 12 years, but not much difference in appearance, the couple is still very good to vote together.

S & # 39; is hot in Song Hye Kyo the most popular and Park Bo Gum Encounter tonight? - Photo 2.

The film marks the first combination & # 39; famous Korean duo.

Park Bo Gum, despite his age and experience to act, is much smaller than Song Hye Kyo, but also many roles in movies and television. The acting skills of & # 39; Park Bo Gum tried in & # 39; these films as Response 1988, Moonlight Cloud. Bo Gum Park is loved by & # 39; immaġma pure, never scandal. The innocent look as "deer", "rabbit" and curiosity became the magnet fans & # 39; Park Bo Gum. Many fans are looking forward to show the couple in & # 39; this new work.

S & # 39; is hot in Song Hye Kyo the most popular and Park Bo Gum Encounter tonight? - Photo 3.

The story of love predictions will undergo a lot of waves.

In the film, Song Hye Kyo transformed woman, her life trapped in the nest & # 39; bird, and her marriage became a political marriage and served empower people. Dad, was never completely happy. Meanwhile, the character & # 39; Park Bo Gum is a teenager who is struggling to find his favorite work. It m & # 39; has a lot of money, but his soul is always cheerful, b & # 39; nothing. Perhaps fate brings them together is that & # 39; to each other. sweet affection filled with candy and maybe at least impulsive, promising to bring the film to attract the audience.

Scene beautiful held in & # 39; Cuba

Not many Korean films showing "play them" when both crews go abroad to fit. We had a chance to see the blue and white golden sun in the sun, Canadians filled with red leaves in the Goblin, and the next trip to Cuba at the meeting. This is the first Korean film to be filmata f & # 39; this Caribbean country's remote.

S & # 39; is hot in Song Hye Kyo the most popular and Park Bo Gum Encounter tonight? - Photo 4.

Couple on background shiny beautiful eyes.

Cuba is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, ancient buildings, outdated roads, and unique visual effect. The meeting was filmed in & # 39; many of the famous sites & # 39; & # 39 in Malecon, Havana, including the Hotel Nacional de Cuba for their filming locations. Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum have magical meeting & # 39; Cuba mesmerizing scene in the film.

S & # 39; is hot in Song Hye Kyo the most popular and Park Bo Gum Encounter tonight? - Photo 5.

beautiful decorations hard to resist f & # 39; Cuba.

It was not easy for crews to make movies in film & # 39; Cuba, but had the ambition to build a story & # 39; beautiful love f & # 39; & # 39 romantic environment with; viewer. Song Hye Kyo only see and Park Bo Gum look at the romantic scene left eye & # 39; Cuba was very disturbing. How beautiful Cuba can & # 39; when it is filmed, wait and see.

Ecounter is deep melodrama

Having made the genre & # 39; rom-com (komedy romance), antics, criminal, fiction, the audience is back with & # 39; the film melodrama (psychological affection) family. The movies & # 39; melodrama often have deep psychological, emotional factors, touching the hearts of viewers. Because f & # 39; so, the melodrama requires extreme skill to act & # 39; the player, not to move vases or to give movie idols. The players who want to try their strengths to try one with melodrama.

S & # 39; is hot in Song Hye Kyo the most popular and Park Bo Gum Encounter tonight? - Photo 6.

The audience is looking forward to the combination of the two stars.

Song Hye Kyo is the queen of & # 39; this film line with the ability to act without any doubt. Bo Gum Park is less experienced, but with the experience and strength of the actor, the audience believe that Song Hye Kyo over "weigh" the junior.

Audiences meet & # 39; forward & # 39; chemistry & # 39; between the two boom operators. History & # 39; romantic love in the background & # 39; Cuba beautiful sunny and wind promises to heat the hearts & # 39; audiences in the cold winter.

The first episode of the Meeting will broadcast the night on 28 & # 39; November 9: 30 local time on TVN and is planned to be broadcast on a & # 39; Wednesday and & # 39; Thursday.

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