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The Philippine defense Duy Manh, Van Lam and teammates challenged


Philippines Thailand 1-1 Highlights board B AFF Cup 2018

The goalkeeper Dang Van Lam and his supporters 360 minutes in the official group AFF Cup 2018 and do not capture the grid. After 18 years, the Vietnam Tel register again clean sheet all round Championship Southeast Asian football.

The Philippines, Vietnam rivals in the semi-finals is not easy to play a team. This team collects expensive players, b & # 39; health situation in the flat. In response to an interview with the website of the AFF Cup, the striker Patrick REICHELT set the goal for Vietnam aims to rank first.

"The Vietnam recognized the no goals in the league this year." Of course, our goal is to penetrate the opponent's net and ġġegħluhom endure difficult game ", said the German striker born..

The defenders of the Philippines Duy Manh, Van Lam and his team - Photo 2.

Patrick REICHELT in the game against Indonesia.

"I looked up battle between Vietnam and Malaysia, recruitment of Vietnam defense, waiting for the opportunity to exploit the gap, we need to discuss thoroughly with the training team to find the solution. you think to confront with & # 39; this opponent, "REICHELT appreciated the Philippine rivals in the semi-finals.

Host & # 39; in the squad death B, was underestimated both in & # 39; Singapore as well as in Indonesia, but the Philippines were well aware that they knew the winning ticket to go as the second runner- up. AFF Cup semi-final, and also the fourth & # 39; only in the last five.

"F & # 39; this tournament, we are working with & # 39; confidence," said REICHELT, "we all are striving for our teammates." In pitch, people are constantly exchanging positive. There are three players with the Philippines semi-finals, but this year is probably the best tournament for me. "

The semi-finals were held on 2 & # 39; December at Panaad Stadium in & # 39; Bololod City. The trip force on 6 & # 39; My Dinh Stadium in December. The return leg remains & # 39; for sale from 10 am-28 & # 39; November.

The dark path that led to the Filipino national team stadium.

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