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The Philippine team had a bad record in the semi-final of the AFF Cup


The Philippines have a bad record in the semi-final of the AFF Cup team as lost.

The Philippine team had a bad record in the semi-final of the AFF Cup

With Thailand who went to Singapore in the finals Group B, the Philippines officially put up by the departure of & # 39; 0-0 to Indonesia.

The opponent teacher Goran Eriksson in the semifinals will be the next coach of Vietnam & # 39; Hang Seo Park. This is quite a balanced match, each team has different strengths and limitations.

The Philippines (ao trang) tied the first leg to train to Eriksson. England: Fox Sports Asia.
The Philippines (white shirt) must record in the semi-final of the AFF Cup

However, the Philippines is worrying class in the semi-finals of the AFF Cup because the team was depleted and never reached the final match of the tournament.

The Philippines won the semi-final of the AFF Cup for the first time in 2010. And in & # 39; that championship, "The Azkals' could not be surprised that both Indonesia lost the second match in both the second leg. number 0-1

After the tournament is considered quite & # 39; successful, with very good players and team, the Philippines continued to win tickets in the semi-final of the AFF Cup in 2012 against Singapore.

In the first leg at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in & # 39; Manila, the Philippines left Singapore 0-0. However, in the return leg, "Wild Dogs" team left the island lion Catches & # 39; & # 39 modest score, 1-0, b & # 39; & # 39 put so; away the ticket for the final for the visitors.

The last time the Philippines reached the semi-finals of the AFF Cup championship was held in 2014. They have excelled in the Thai champions 0-0 at home in the first leg but lost the game. the alloy & # 39; return f & # 39; Rajamangala, lost the finals of the Thailand 0-3 after two rounds.


As such, the Philippines Football losing in the semifinals of the AFF Cup. Not only that, three times in the semi-final, "The Azkals' had no legitimate aim in the knock-out of regional tournament.

Although not comparable football or combine, but with & # 39; such a poor performance, the Philippines x & # 39; likely to continue to fall in the face of the Vietnam Football in the AFF Cup 2018 halves.

The game & # 39; two legs will take place on 2 & # 39; Panaad Stadium in December in the & # 39; Bacolod. The round & # 39; 4 days will be in & # 39; My Dinh. This year, under the guidance of & # 39; veteran coach Eriksson as coach, the Philippines is considered a very formidable team that teacher & # 39; Hang Hang Seo teachers must have a b & # 39; great attention in the following 180 minutes.

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