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Trial & # 39; 13 day & # 39; Phan Van Vinh and 91 defendants


Tomorrow, 30 & # 39; in November, after five days & # 39; deliberation, the Court Provincial People & # 39; Phu Tho will give the defendant at first instance to 92 & # 39; six points in the nation's largest network of online gambling. Among the accused there were two police chiefs previously, including former deputy police chief Phan Van Vinh and former head of the police department with & # 39; density (C50) Nguyen Thanh Hoa. They were charged with & # 39; bad behavior duties at work, ranging from 7 to 8 years and 6 months imprisonment.

The only damage required for non & # 39; trial

The former Director General of the Police Department is the defendant in the case. Picture: Huy Giang

The former Director General of the Police Department is the defendant in the case. Picture: Huy Giang

According charge of & # 39; page 235 released in the opening session of 12 & # 39; November, the case was discovered by Le Van Huy, 21, a & # 39; assets seized on Facebook. Specifically, f & # 39; mid-May 2017, the cash games & # 39; Huyen on the Internet sought to take control of & # 39; Facebook account & # 39; woman in the province & # 39; Phu Tho, deceived to ħabibha to transfer 110 card & # 39; & # 39 scratch b; value & # 39; 55 million co.

This card is used to play the game portal Rikvip / Tip.Club leave and play together. The testimony & # 39; Huy shown that transnational line gambling was deprived of Rikvip / Tip.Club, which was Nguyen Van Duong (president of the CNC) and Phan Sao Nam (former president -VTC Online). .

Victims & # 39; fraud with fraudulent cards & # 39; Scratch identified as the only victims of the case. However, this person does not go to court, which was approved by the Panel for the absence.

There were only 8 of 73 persons with related rights and obligations. Blamed for process & # 39; absences.

Two former police chiefs continually increase the blood pressure

In the verification of the identity, the president of the court noted, the executive legally verdict will be published on the website of the Supreme People's Court. However, what was the Director General of the General Department of Police revealed that deny this right & # 39; publication.

On the third day of the court, the lawyer of Mr Vinh suggested that the client enters the room health due to increased blood pressure. In the days & # 39; subsequent trial, Mr. Vinh should always take care of his health. At the time, the Lieutenant of & # 39; 63 years ago is blamed in place for about 30 minutes. Mr. Vinh is a war veteran & # 39; 2/4. One month before the court, was hospitalized for heart disease, blood pressure.

Former head & # 39; C50 Nguyen Thanh Hoa was also increasing b & # 39; continuous way blood pressure, he could constantly participate in the trial. On 23/11, he should request proof of & # 39; absence due to treatment in the General Hospital & # 39; Phu Tho and accepted by the president..

Mr Hoa changed testimony

In the investigation agency, Mr. hOAT in 2011 CNC is the C50 company, but in & # 39; May 1515 decision of & # 39; Vinh Vinh as the General Department of Police company. B & # 39; this 'mark', Phan Phan Sao Nam established gaming line. Some of the units were in the CNC inspection, but were "shoot" this is the company m & # 39; is to be processed. Number & # 39; & # 39 times when listening; to Duong was "disturbed", said Hoa Calling solved.

The public prosecutor in charge, with the task of preventing crime, but Mr Hoa, Vinh again & # 39; "supported" for crime.

But in response to questioning in court, Mr. Hoa flooded with & # 39; unexpected way, without accepting it. The former head of the 50 and C50 CNC explain "only the memo" in 2011 and C50 m & # 39; has no responsibility for the CNC.

He said that while he was tired, his mind was not aware because conditions & # 39; unfamiliar detention, he said the investigation into the agency.

The lawyers say they do not know how to use computers. Picture: Huy Giang.

The lawyers say they do not know how to use computers. photo: Huy Giang.

Because of reflection, Mr. Hoa having had to confront & # 39; many colleagues, subordinates. Both accused Nguyen Van Duong and nearly twelve police officers are sued in court, all argue that it is wrong as the prosecution content.

One day after the final confrontation, when he began to defend himself, Mr. Hoa admitted committing the offense. He said he had sent a & # 39; plea agreement because the prosecutor's office made a charge at the end of & # 39; August. The days of interrogation were due to non & # 39; control. "Not sincere, blame others".

In the last statement, Mr. Hoa will take full responsibility, do not blame anyone. He presented the difficult circumstances due to family request to the council reduced the sentence to get lower & # 39; back to the mother & # 39; sadness, rearing children, women who suffer from diseases.

Asks people to forgive

Answering the question, Phan Van Vinh quickly admitted that the prosecution's arguments were correct. He also asked for additional information because "those inside only understand the nature of & # 39; bad behavior". It was in his defense that his three lawyers stopped arguing.

Mr Phan Van Vinh. Picture: Huy Giang.

Mr Phan Van Vinh. photo: Huy Giang.

He said that when he was arrested and revised, realized that it was wrong to sign a license in 2016 to allow CNC portal develop a model for online games with & # 39; social integration, a virtual currency transfer. to make real money. This helped legitimize the game of gambling.

"I do not blame anyone, blame sincerely acknowledge, ask people to forgive," said the former deputy director, and repeatedly apologized to the accused, families severely affected by the event. .

Both urgency Masters

In the profit & # 39; 4,700 billion dong, former VP Nguyen Van Duong enjoys nearly 1.7 trillion dong. In argument, Yang said that the judgment of the 11-13 year proposal was a little tight, but the defendant regretted very serious consequences.

Yang said that this is the most expensive lesson in life. "He x & # 39; is the reason, criminals condition is become guilty and does not exercise the right to appeal the verdict of the first instance," Yang presented when the last word and request for replacement of responsibility CNC staff, are not applicable penalties & # 39; imprisonment so they can continue working.

Defendant Phan Sao Nam. Picture: Huy Giang.

Defendant Phan Sao Nam. photo: Huy Giang.

During the trial days, Phan Sao Nam always listened & # 39; others. The man is also assessed "sincere statement" when responding to a question, assume responsibility quickly.

The man explained that the game can & # 39; redemption, and therefore the majority of revenue & # 39; more than 9,500 billion in operating almost 30 months to redeem for players. Nam received money for hard operation, soft …, but it was not technical operations directly but through head & # 39; Hoang Trung Thanh (escaped).

Over the past years, Vietnam has gained VND1,475 billion and now returned more than 90%.

The last words, Nam said it was more penetrating, more regretted the work done. By & # 39; this incident, he has the opportunity to observe the mirror & # 39; around, as officials of the investigating agency, the center & # 39; detention, had this life "completely reliable."

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