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VFF explained how the semi-finals of the AFF Cup ticket changed


Wednesday, 28 & # 39; November 1818 20:20 (GMT + 7)

VFF decided to go from selling & # 39; tickets on sale for the bank & # 39; Tickets for the semi-finals of the AFF Cup online; The speed of & # 39; 34.5 trillion dong continues to "swarm" … the hottest news of the last 24 hours.

VFF explained the decision to sell tickets semi-final of AFF Cup online

Before AFF semi-final against the Philippines at My Dinh Stadium & # 39; December 6, two days ago (26 & # 39; November), the Football Federation (LDBDVN – VFF) has issued a notice Renew the Way ticket.

Therefore, instead of selling tickets directly to fans on the bench, VFF sells tickets through & # 39; 4 westsites and pay a local ATM card, card & # 39; Credit …

The last 24 hours: VFF explain how changing the way the AFF Cup semi-final tickets - 1

Many fans are anxious not to buy tickets online.

Announcing the change of the way & # 39; direct sales on the bench for online sales, VFF has shown why this decision.

"At the current sales ticket in & # 39; in recent years, after a period of & # 39; proof of the online sale of tickets online and received attention and audience support, LDBDVN decided switch to selling tickets online semi-finals of the audience in the yard. house in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 football tournament.

This new method will replace the tickets way in the bank as the last time, to reduce the negative phenomenon, push and push, causing negative image, "- said VFF.

According to the announcement of the VFF, channels online ticket VFF will open tickets today from 10 am to 28 & # 39; November to 12 & # 39; November, or until the expiry of the card, whichever comes first.

However, as reflected by the majority of fans, from 10 am & # 39; morning, trying to gain access to selling online tickets VFF but are not available or overloaded. Too often frustrated because online reservation but not success, many fans like "rambunctious", were on Facebook from heaven, accused each VFF.

On the same day, VFF announced that 5,000 ticket sold, the organizers continued to sell tickets online.

The high speed 34,500 billion still "swarm"

Under the plan, 27 & # 39; November, contractors will repair the sinking, the damaged pavement in & # 39; some bridges and channels on the expressway & # 39; Da Nang-Quang Ngai. However, in the province of & # 39; Quang Nam there is little rain, the repair should be discontinued.

The last 24 hours: VFF explained the change in the way the semi-finals of the AFF Cup ticket - 2

There are many cracks in the top of the bridge sinking.

According to the record, in the series & # 39; 27/11 bridges, drainage on the highway with & # 39; investment & # 39; more than 34,500 billion is the phenomenon of & # 39; crisis in the side of the bridge, drainage (mainly in & # 39; package No. 2, 3B, 3B – became operational in & # 39; August 2017). Given that the subsidy should be in the position of & # 39; contiguous between the road and keeping & # 39; many bridges, faults & # 39; channels, asphalt cutting.

F & # 39; some bridges, the concrete surfaces of asphalt showing signs of & # 39; deterioration. Typically, a bridge in & # 39; Bau Tay – VD07 f & # 39; Kil19 (3B package, from Cienco membership 6 and Investment Investment in Construction and Construction Joint Stock Company 1) is uncomfortable, cracks appear on the bridge.

In particular, Ky Lam Bridge (approximately Thu Bon River linking Duy Xuyen and Dien Ban District Town Province & # 39; Quang Nam) has some plastic concrete dots showing signs of & # 39; peeling and mud; wavy phenomena began.

Vu case "aluminum" involving many local officials

Truong Quang Nghia, party secretary & # 39; Da Nang, responded to voters on some issues related to the event & # 39; "Aluminum" a & # 39; Vu. Phan Van Anh Vu – PV), including the issue of asset recovery.

The last 24 hours: VFF explained the change ticket semi-final of the AFF Cup tickets - 3

Secretary of the Party & # 39; Da Nang Truong Quang Nghia. Photo: PLO

Mr. Truong Quang Nghia said that Da Nang has been very active in & # 39; in this case.

"The blockade property & # 39; Vu" aluminum "but the name & # 39; others, money in the bank … is very complex struggle.

Danang reported to the Government and the Prime Minister addressed so we can make. Even request & # 39; Danang banks to block any accounts related Vu "aluminum" is not simple, because Danang is not competent to do so. But recently we have done well, the property has been managed "- said Nghia.

The secretary of Da Nang Party also informed that future cases & # 39; "Aluminum" Vu involved many officials in municipalities and police. Mainly on the ground, using the & # 39; some properties in & # 39; Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

Lawyer President of the Committee of Nha Trang City People

Chief of police & # 39; Khanh Hoa said Le Huy Toan, deputy chairman of the People Committee of the city & # 39; Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa), was arrested by police & # 39; Khanh Hoa prosecution to the accused on the charge "Lack & # 39; responsibility liable to serious consequences." The police of the province & # 39; Khanh Hoa ordered to inspect the residence and its work in the morning & # 39; 28/11.

The last 24 hours: VFF explained how changing the way the AFF Cup semi-final tickets - 4

Mr. Le Huy Toan, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Nha Trang People.

Immediately, Mr. Toan was prevented from going from his residence. Mr. Toan was sued in & # 39; in connection with the case Hoang Long Urban Area.

Currently, the province police & # 39; Khanh Hoa continues to expand the investigation of the incident. According to a source reported by the Co-Prosecutor of the Labor accused Mr Toan and two other employees of the Center & # 39; Development of & # 39; Art of & # 39; Nha Trang.

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Phan Van Anh Vu has two other names and one foreign citizenship; The love of the participants welcomed the staff & # 39; aviation in …

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