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VinFast is expensive or cheap?

Many people are surprised when Vietnamese automaker VinFast announces the sale price of the first car produced by the commitment & # 39; "no cost & # 39; depreciation, no financial cost in product Cost and interest-free "but still high compared with the same … car segment in North America.

However, according to financial experts, the comparison is lame because the car itself when it comes to Vietnam is very expensive.

car prices "Pumping" VinFast

"Fadil is similar to the Chevrolet Spark, Kia Morning, the price is & # 39; $ 3,500, equivalent to $ 85 million, why not get a profit and sell more than 300 million?" or "2018 Chevrolet Spark new & # 39; US $ 13,000. Fadil 2018 new Vietnam 19,000 USD. Where is the cheapest? "

dat car for vinfast or king? figure 1
The small car VinFast Fadil.

Here are a few comments "b & # 39; back" on the price of the car VinFast between strong marketing support. VinFast Lux (sedan and SUV) and VinFast Fadil will be priced at the same price as VinFast. Expensive.

"The price of & # 39; Camry sold in the United States is over 400 million. So why Lux2.0 preferential price VinFast still 800 million? That is not very reasonable" – Anh Minh, architect f & # 39; Hanoi , ask.

However, the world loaded with car you think these questions are "unreasonable". Under no financial expert name, comparisons between the US car prices and car prices in Vietnam are aware of the taxes and charges imposed on cars in Vietnam.

For example, the price of & # 39; 800 million dong of & # 39; VinFast Lux A2.0 after the incentive is only a cumulative price of the product, excise duty and sales costs. This price structure does not include costs & # 39; bank interest, depreciation & # 39; factory machinery, wages, profits … according to the principle of & # 39; regular finance.

dat car for vinfast or king? figure 2
The price VinFast Lux A2.0 800 million.

By failing to excise duty, VinFast Lux A2.0 f & # 39; VND800 million was subject to tax & # 39; VND228 million, VinFast collected only about VND571 million. With VinFast Fadil, special consumption tax is paid to the state & # 39; about 87 million, which means that the car company sells only cars worth 249 million. This story is similar to the price VinFast SA2.0 SUV.

This also means that if VinFast … Fadil sold in the US for $ 13,000 (about 300 million) and the United States apply special tax rate & # 39; 35% for Fadil as in Vietnam, the the price of the car will be around VND 410 million, not 370 million VND for Vietnamese consumers.

According to experts, if compare the prices of cars sold in Vietnam in general and VinFast b & # 39; in particular with the same car in & # 39; different countries, compare prices excluding excise tax.

This amount will be paid to the state budget, the car carrier is just the intermediate collection. And if VinFast or any car company should accept this amount in the sale price. As a result, the imported cars in the US are sold at prices that exceed the price of the US market.


In addition, the tax on the import & # 39; 10% – 25% depending on the type. Although VinFast aims at locating & # 39; up to 60%, in the initial stage, b & # 39; 20 to 30 thousand components per vehicle, still have to import more, because the path & # 39; Localization is certainly not one. One way to achieve one.

Currently, all components & # 39; VinFast Lux are now high high-priced components, the majority of which are supplied by BMW suppliers, so comparisons with & # 39; lower models more lame.

S & # 39; they are cost rental cars in Vietnam?

In the world, the car tax is divided into three groups: high, medium and low. Vietnam is in high tax group of cars with 15 types of & # 39; before taxes and expenses not rotated.

dat car for vinfast or king? figure 3
In Vietnam, the cars should carry up to 15 types of & # 39; taxes and charges before rolling.

B & # 39; in particular, cars in Vietnam are in the category of & # 39; & # 39 items; Luxury, subject to special sales tax & # 39; 35% – 60%. Then there is the tax on imports. Cars manufactured and assembled in the country are subject to duties on import duties on imported components and vehicles in & # 39; complete units are levied on imports, the tax rate can & # 39; up to 70% even for vehicles originating outside the ASEAN region.

B & # 39; in particular, the automobile, the principle of & # 39; applying tax is the tax levied tax, namely the new tax will be based on the price of the car plus taxes old in order & # 39 ;: import tax, excise duty and VAT is final. This is because the same price in Vietnam is twice as high, even three times the price in & # 39; other countries.

In the US, for example, the total tax on cars will be less than $ 9000, the import duties on CBU units will be & # 39; 6% and the car will not be subject to excise taxes. In Thailand and Indonesia, a policy that encourages people to use small cars, to reduce the tax on consumption, with only 3-10%. Meanwhile, the lowest tax rate in Vietnam is & # 39; 35%, in the same way the tax paid tax makes car prices in Vietnam are much higher than -Tajlandja and Indonesia, although all three are in group b & # 39; high car tax.

According to experts, the cost of production in Vietnam today, taxes and fees accounted for 45-55%, the rest is the cost of production vehicles. However, this cost is also 20% higher than other countries in the region since the Vietnam imports up to 80% of the components.

Therefore, if the Vietnamese want to buy "genuine" car in Vietnam at the price … The United States is "thinking" because the special tax on consumption led people to pay 35-60%. That is why VinFast aims to increase the rate of & # 39; localization to 60% in the future, because if so, the price of the car will be more competitive.

Thus, according to experts, consumers should be wise, to compare, to be on the same frame & # 39; quality and class & # 39; Reference and sold in the same market in Vietnam due payments & # 39; tax each other. .

Bao Linh / VOV.VN

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