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Anna and the Apocalypse: "He zombie musical set at Christmas"


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Anna and the Apocalypse were killed around Port Glasgow the last year

It was a trailer for High School Musical has provided to Ryan McHenry with his inspiration.

The Scottish director calculate the only way he can & # 39; enjoy the film was "if all the cast got eaten by zombies".

It sparked an idea for the film Anna and the apocalypse going on general release in cinemas on Friday – more than three years after 27 years died from Dumfries & # 39; cancer.

Director John McPhail took the project brings to the big screen.

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The film is in cinemas across the UK from Friday

"It was the dream of & # 39; Ryan McHenry," he said.

"Ryan wrote and directed a short film called Zombie Musical went on to win the BAFTA Prayer Italian Scots.

"Then it got picked to be developed by Black Camel in & # 39; film & # 39; movies."

However, Mr. McHenry – the man behind the award of the prize Ryan Gosling Will not Eat His Cereal viral videos – could not complete that project.

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John McPhail said the film had a "serious messages and ments"

"With the drafting and development unfortunately Ryan was diagnosed with cancer and sadly died in 2015", said Mr. McPhail.

"The friend and producer Naysun Alae-Carew long did not want to go beyond the project and wanted to keep that sort of & # 39; memory so he began to look for directors.

"They were looking at directors & # 39; horror and musical directors and unfortunately just not found that fits."

Then saw Mr. McPhail & # 39; s wherein Do We Go From Here? – a romantic comedy set in & # 39; nursing home – Glasgow Film Festival, and when she was involved.

He said his last project was to surprise audiences.

"It's pretty fun and charming movie got some real serious undertones and messages – it's about kids dealing with death and that kind of & # 39; age to come," he said.

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Ella Hunt said announcing "crazy notions" as after Anna and the Apocalypse

"People get some on foot & # 39; & # 39 retrospective; it because they do not expect to end up crying.

"They are laughing and crying and cheering is only this joyous film – it's just fantastic."

He said he was "inflated" by the response at film festivals and hoped that can & # 39; have broad appeal & # 39 ;.

"It is not just a film for children or simply for fans & # 39; or simply for musical horror fans", he said.

"We do film is for everyone to go and enjoy and feel happy and feel good and so young and excited c cinema."

Scots post

Nomination for a Scottish BAFTA for best film characteristic earlier this year by Mr. McPhail has been described as "amazing".

"It's a zombie musical set at Christmas, is nuts," he said.

The film is also proud Scottish roots and the place.

"The port & # 39; Glasgow was perfect for us and the people there were also brilliant", added Mr. McPhail.

"We will be in the wind and in the rain and in the snow – it does not matter really what we are there because it's just what you get.

"This is what we refer it, that is what we operate in".

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The film deals with issues & # 39; "come of age" according to its director

It was something & # 39; challenge, however, for Hunt actress Ella taking the role & # 39; Anna.

"Scotland is an amazing place and we had to pull Scots amazing crew," she said.

"One of the biggest challenges was dealing with the cold because we were fired in February 2017 so it was really, really cold."

However, she said it was a role that was keen to ensure from the outset.

"I love crazy notions – the bolder the better f & # 39; some ways," she said.

"I am really on the lookout for the roles that teenage girls marġinalizzawx experience among adolescents and had three dimensions.

"Anna is so all things in & # 39; blow was more opportunity & # 39; wonderful, so actually inħobbt account for this distance."

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Tommy Reilly and Roddy Hart provided the music for the film

Music for the film was provided by Roddy Hart and Tommy Reilly describing the project as "totally intriguing" from scratch.

"We have never written a musical before try to get that style of writing was a whole new universe," said Mr. Reilly.

It ddeskrivah as "total musical freedom".

"I think the thing we loved the most was it such an ambitious project", added Mr. Hart.

"This is a zombie musical elements to & # 39; comedy is set in Scotland, referring to what can & # 39; to be going wrong?

"Every time we see it we find something new – it's movie magic."

"Really changed"

The finished film is dedicated to Mr. McHenry – and the man who took the role of the director believes that he was desirable.

"I can not do the film & # 39; someone else, I can not make the vision of & # 39; someone else. I & # 39; I do my own", said Mr. McPhail.

However, thanks to friends of Mr. McHenry who were involved in the film he believes honored his memory.

"Just know from feedback that he is proud and really, really stripped him also", he said.

"For someone who was a total prankster and such a funny man and such a sweet, sweet, this is a real tribute to him."

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