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Cutting is announced next month?


Undue repayment in – Alien film franchise anytime soon, but that does not mean it will not have a video game. In the last week, trademark has been submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) by 20th Century Fox, and made a name Alien: blackout available for use in games, "namely, game software, computer game software and video games". Moreover, if Geoff Keighley be believed, there is every chance to see his announcement in & # 39; The Game Awards on 6 & # 39; December.

The Trigger 1

Cold Iron Developer Studio is owned & # 39; 20th Century Fox and is currently working on a "new PC and console-based shooter Alien franchise "according to their website. The study continues to release a game from their foundation in 2015, but the company was founded by several former members of & # 39; Cryptic Studios, the team behind games like City & # 39; Hero, Star Trek Online, and Neverwinter. During an interview with & # 39; & # 39 back in, in January, the company CEO Craig Zinkievich stated that the game "explore the universe areas experiencing the fans did not manage".

In early & # 39; in November, gave Keighley & # 39; the image below for the aforementioned Games Awards. Those of you who know the Alien representation can & # 39; is already notice the similarity with both the slogan ( "Buildings & # 39; Worlds Best") as well as the font used by WEYLAND-Yutani Corporation, the fictitious company tries to collect and control xenomorfi so they can be used as biological weapons … and a source of & # 39; earning money. If those worlds really changed, what you got planned now?

The speculation & # 39; announcement in Games Awards has also been encouraged by a friend & # 39; Keighley Hideo Kojima by a visit to 20th Century Fox where a picture with him Alien memorabilia. Will we are nirrapportaw all news from grants as happens on 6 & # 39; December, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled on TA to see x & # 39; is happening next in the world & # 39; Alien.

We have a full list & # 39; Alien: Achievements & # 39; insulation – check list for guides to open.

This game was featured in our Best Games & # 39; Horror Xbox Available in section 2017. Why not verify to see x & # 39; further made the cut?

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