Sunday , June 26 2022 again & # 39; change the passwords of all customers after cyberattack: statement – Tech News


NEW YORK: Dell Inc. said on 28 & # 39; November to reset the passwords for all accounts on its electronic store electronic on 14 & # 39; November, five days after he discovered and managed hackers who were trying to steal customer data.

The computer manufacturer not informing customers about the attack when he was forcing change the password, according to a person who was familiar with the breach.

Dell said in a statement on 9 & # 39; in November the company discovered and stopped the hackers who had breached its network and have been trying to steal customer data. Investigators have found no evidence that the hackers succeeded, but did not rule out the possibility that they have some data, the company said.

They asked only customer names, email addresses and passwords skrambled, Dell said.

The fractures occurred as companies come under increasing scrutiny from regulators around the world to provide fast and accurate disclosure of the client data theft. The European Union has implemented strict new regulations on privacy in & # 39; May to punish violators with & # 39; fines of up to € 20mil (RM95.37miles), or 4% of total income, whichever is higher.

Dell has determined that there was no legal or regulatory requirement to disclose the incident, but decided to submit "with customer confidence in & # 39; mind", according to the source.

Dell declined to say how many accounts were affected, but said the payment information and Social Security numbers were not targeted.

Dell said he reported the matter to the enforcement of US law.

Representatives with & # 39; Federal Office of & # 39; Investigation & # 39; the United States could not immediately reach for comment. – Reuters

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