Friday , December 3 2021

Kim Kardashian says that You Married On Ecstasy "On 'KUWTK': Watch


Kim Kardashian confessed to some shocking details about her past in the last episode of & # 39; Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sunday night (25 & # 39; November).

Kardashian discussed the days of his infamous wild child with & # 39; Scott Disick and sister Kendall Jenner, when he was known for partying along with & # 39; socialites like Paris Hilton. After Disick Kardashian filed a rumor that once got high and went to Disney World, it is revealed that the use of its drug went beyond just once a amusement park.

"I came married on ecstasy", said a Kardashian & # 39; his first marriage to music producer Damon Thomas of. "I did ecstasy once and I got married, made it again and made sex tape. Like everything bad happens."

"You had a lot on extasi when I did the sex tape?!" I wanted to ask f & # 39; shock, x & # 39; likely referring to the infamous Kardashian video made with singer Ray J in 2003. "Absolutely," said Kardashian. "Everybody knows it. My jaw was shaking all the time."

Despite their candid conversation, made it clear to Disick Kardashian and Jenner to the "wild phase" of & # 39; is long behind her late teens, and clarification is "not like that anymore."

Check confession clip & # 39; Kim on KUWTK below.

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