Wednesday , September 28 2022

LG thinks the guy who carries his Stellar Business TV can & # 39; save his Phones


Photo: LG

Although LG filed line & # 39; respectable phones in 2018, sales for the mobile division of the company to continue fighting. So, in an effort to rejuvenate its business, along with & # 39; greater emphasis on robotics and autonomous vehicles, LG announced today that the President & # 39; LG Home Entertainment, Brian Kwon, will take control of & # 39; LG Mobile from 1 & # 39; December.

The reasoning behind the move seems pretty clear. Featuring Kwon at the helm, the division of LG television has become a major force in the segment thanks to its leading OLED sets, with LG Display of raking in record profits earlier this year. And with a little sharing & # 39; crossover between smartphones and TVs, especially when it comes to their screens (and f & # 39; a level below their designs), Kwon be f & # 39; a good place to potentially make a LG Mobile back.

As it stands now, one of the biggest issues facing LG Mobile is the lack of & # 39; identity. Although his phones are typically solid, often fail to stand out when compared to & # 39; & # 39 equivalent models; Samsung, Apple, or even Huawei. Moreover, while the triple camera & # 39; then on the LG V40 are nice, not exactly a new idea because Huawei has introduced a somewhat similar setup on the P20 Pro this spring.

Another problem for LG Mobile is seen to spend & # 39; very little time to focus on features like hi-res audio, a tool & # 39; tricky video as smooth panning and zoom stable, and of ńčinemaemer to be integrated maker, can & # 39; is too niche to attract the typical consumer.

It also help that, recently, LG was also a little late in the market, particularly when faced against Samsung Korean rivals, with LG G7 coming months after the S9 Galaxy, while LG V40 debuted in October, almost three months after Samsung released the Galaxy Note 9 f & # 39; mid-August. And if you go back to devices like the LG G5, the company still can & # 39; feeling a little from the pattern of the ambitious but misguided attempt to make a modular handset. (I like that LG released a new version of its rolling ball though. That thing was cool.)

That said, not entirely gloom and even for LG Mobile. After a few rough attempts, the OLED screens & # 39; LG smartphones are finally in a & # 39; location can provide some much needed competition to the panels & # 39; Samsung (found in & # 39; number & # 39; flagship phones). And b & # 39; recent advantages for things like b & # 39 devices, 16 camera & # 39; post and new ways to put selfie cams on phones, it is clear that LG is thinking a lot about how & # 39; improves the mobile photography in the future.

There are also things that require some re-evaluation, because, while he was doing better, I'm still not & # 39; big fan I am of Android skins & # 39; LG, and the whole thrust of the company with branding & # 39; ThinQ is often confusing and not so tag can & # 39; suggests.

Either way, it is too early for any forecasts & # 39; foreboding regarding & # 39; LG Mobile, and b & # 39; new post in place, we can look towards a new era of & # 39; LG phones coming soon.

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