Saturday , June 25 2022

Sonny Bill Williams says boxing bout Next Will Be Serious With Paul Gallen and the he confident he'll BE comfortably Him


Sonny Bill Williams in-the-black trunks, Paul Gallen in-the-blue.

It's the-high-profile bout for-years we've Been expecting.

But Williams' latest comments Could just spark Into the reality.

The New Zealand All Blacks star Preparing the Fight for a charity in Sydney on Saturday night dubbed "The Bangers Under The Hanger 'Against Sophie Monk's love interest in The bachelorette Stu Laundy.

But speaking With Fox Sports Cody Kaye, he the Looking Beyond That to a "genuinely Serious Fight 'With The Cronulla Sharks skipper.

A heavyweight slugfest he claims he'd win in a canter.

"If I GOT long, thought a Good campaign, I'd BE Able to beat Him and beat Him comfortably, I've GOT That no doubt about," Williams said.

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Paul Gallen whens he fought Anthony Watts.
Paul Gallen whens he fought Anthony Watts.source: News Corp Australia

He mocked THENI Gallen, sayings it's "sad" the pinnacle for-the 37-year-old Would-taking Him on in-the-ring.

"I do not lay wonderings Awake at Night, Oh What's Paul doing? What's he eating? The training he? How's he doing in the-Scenes boxing? '. You know I'm just an avid boxing fan, "he Continued.

"Sometimes I get-the impression That's What he does for me, 'What's he doing? Who's he fighting? What's he sayings? '

"I Feel a little sad for-the-bro Sometimes ow That's What he harbors as a boxer to get in-the-ring With me, ow That's HIS final destination.

SBW would still Gallen Fight

SBW would still Gallen Fight


"Time Will Tell ow do we get back in-the-ring, pocket ow I do have a genuinely again to Serious Fight Will Be With Him."

It would certainly BE Easy To Promote, and SBW know it.

"I'm a realist … I'm 33 now. If I did get back in-the-ring and have it would have Another Serious Fight To Be With Paul just because it makes SENSE and theres's a lot of interest and What not. "

But first Things first, he NEEDS to account for reality TV star and socialite Laundy Sydney.

"We'll get in theres and have a bit of a pocket laughs ALSO Understand That it's for a Great Cause and Suchi-the underlying message … That's God Willing we can really Raise some money on-the-Good night."

The INCLUDE-the Rev. Charities Involved Bill Crewe Exodus Foundation and Auckland City Mission.

– Watch Sonny Bill's Fight From 7:30 pm Saturday on Fox Sports 506

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