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That stranding Death issued in 2019. According to Best Buy Canada

If you believe that people of Best Buy in Canada, it seems Stranding Death will finally be released in & # 39; sometime in 2019. The news of & # 39; this range on Reddit over the weekend, when someone took a photo & # 39; New promotion in the store added to the game, saying that will be released this year To be clear, is a sticker was added to a pre-order card with no date of official release or any other information associated beyond the price of $ 80.

Stranding Death

If this is true? We can see Kojima Productions finally gives schedule & # 39; appropriate time to release this year? After not shown in & # 39; The Game Awards, people became suspicious upon Hideo KojimaFailure and failure to show something new in & # 39; place and showed him the great love company. But others think that it was strategic that they are not aiming to say nothing and keep to announce good until E3 2019 will happen or will not happen? only time will tell. but Stranding Death not the first leak anything official from a Canadian retailer if true.

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