Sunday , June 26 2022

The Dissidents Rwandani US Congress draws support


The legislators congress & # 39; the United States is strengthening the government & # 39; Rwanda against prisoners of political dissidents Diane Rwigara, faces up to 22 years in prison after having been convicted insurrection and inciting counterfeiting.

Diane Rwigara, former presidential candidate, is scheduled to be sentenced 6 & # 39; in December, along with & # 39; mother, Adeline Rwigara. Both women were tried on 7 & # 39; in November, with Rwigara older convicted of insurrection and promoting ethnic hatred. They were detained by police in & # 39; October 2017 and kidnapped a year but were released on bail last month left before the trial. Stay at home & # 39; Kigali, the capital city, under restrictions & # 39; travel.

"The peaceful political expression is not an offense. Running for office is not a crime," the Commission of Human Rights & # 39; Tom Lantos – parliamentary commission designated bipartisana for its founder co – said in behin 39; tweet sent by Monday.

The commission, to defend and promote human rights internationally, scheduled report & # 39; 4 & # 39; December on the treatment of & # 39; Rwanda for human rights and political prisoners, including Rwigaras.

Diane Rwigara ran for president in 2017, challenging the player Paul Kagame, but was disqualified after election officials claimed that some signatures necessary for its candidature had been falsified.

F & # 39; July 2017, activist started the People's Salvation Movement "to encourage the Rwandani responsibility to keep their government", as told CNN. She was later arrested on charges of & # 39; incitement and fraud. Her mother was also arrested for criticism of the government in exchange & # 39; & # 39 WhatsApp with; Another relative who lives outside Rwanda.

Diane Rwigara denied the charges, saying that Kagame was trying tipprevjeniha to speak against injustice. F & # 39; interview with VOA after the release of & # 39; its October it requested the release of & # 39; political prisoners and other unjustly detained.

Kagame led the reconciliation of the central African country after the genocide & # 39; 1994, but the akkużawh rights groups and the Rwandan Patriotic Front who decided to always keep himself more dissent.

This report originated in VOA Central Africa Service.

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