Friday , March 24 2023

The GPU event & # 39; Intel ARCTIC Sound expected out next month – Chart – News


F & # 39; report published by DigiTimes today (through & # 39; TechPowerUp) it is stated that Intel will host a conference technology and business centered on Arctic Sound. As will be regularly aware of & # 39; HEXUS, Arctic Sound is the last of the discrete GPU project & # 39; Intel has the burden & # 39; Raja Koduri, its chief architect and various industries well-known graphics behind.

According to the report, the conference will be held in & # 39; some f & # 39; December and Koduri and executives & # 39; other high-level engineers working on the development of the Arctic Sound will provide updates on various aspects of & # 39; such a project.

Of course, as a publication & # 39; technology, HEXUS detailed and detailed account reveals the most pleasing but not surprising if in the audience & # 39; December was quite limited and the technical details were not made entirely clear. X Intel & # 39; likely target the sweet spot to create buzz and positive expectations without destroying competitors about the intricacies of the project.

While the conference will be on the threshold of 2019, DigiTimes reminds us that the expected start date for the first GPU of the Arctic Sound will be in & # 39; sometime in 2020. When we look at one of our previous articles on Arctic news Sound – there are two important things to consider when talking about the the future graphics chip & # 39; Intel – will be a discrete GPU that will appeal to gamers – and will "Bang enter the market". So, hopefully it will not receive repeat & # 39; Intel misfire & # 39; before f & # 39; this segment.

One last interesting nugget news in DigiTimes report that Intel established a new center & # 39; R & D GPU in Canada, but has plans to build a center & # 39; R & D of GPU design in India also. Meanwhile, TechPowerUp share some fascinating tweets of analyst & # 39; Motley Fool Ashraf Eassa, as shown below.

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