Thursday , October 6 2022

The student & # 39; primary school play "Fortnite strip", warned the parents


PThe student & # 39; the school is playing rimanarja "Fortnite strip", parents have been warned. Middleton St Mary & # 39; s C of E Primary f & # 39; Leeds told the parents learned about the trend of children take their clothes & # 39; forward front of a webcam while playing the game.

He warned that it was put them in & # 39; risk of being exposed to or share with & # 39; indecent images incidental way.

Head Naomi Wood said: "The School of Nursing Tim suggested we share the following information with you.

"Many of you may be aware of the risks and concerns & # 39; about children who play the online game Fortnite, which has rating of & # 39; 12 but plays much younger children.

"We have been aware of & # 39; emerging trend, where people are playing Fort Strip via webcams.

"The rule is that when you" kill "(elimination) should remove the band, possibly adding additional risk of children being exposed to and / or share indecent images while playing the game."

Fortnite is an online game "Battle Royale" where up to 100 people at a time compete to win competitions & # 39; "the last man".

Since its release the last year the game was kartunija success achieved, especially with & # 39; youth and children, and the latest figures showed that now has nearly 80 million monthly player.

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