Monday , October 18 2021

Zimbabwe Airforce pillar killing girlfriend cheating on suspicions – The Zimbabwe post


Tashinga Musonza

GWERU – Soldier was arrested and charged over the murder of his girlfriend advocate & # 39; suspect & # 39; infidelity.

Tashinga Musonza, 29, attacked with & # 39; powerful way to Lucy Duve, 32, she was certified dead on arrival at Claybank Hospital on Sunday evening, according Midlands police.

Duve and Musonza been living together in the house of & # 39; ex.

On Sunday, around 10pm, Musonza – working in Josiah Tungamirai Airbase (formerly Thornhill) – came home and accused Duve who had an affair with & # 39; another soldier, George Mangwenjere, is Flight Lieutenant at the air base.

He ordered Duve – lawyer with the Directorate of Legal Aid in & # 39; Windsor Park – to go with him to the air base to meet & # 39; to & # 39; Mangwenjere and clarify the issue, according to an internal memorandum ZimLive shown by police.

Mangwenjere denied having had an affair with & # 39; Duve, and Musonza imriegħed then began attacking his girlfriend with & # 39; open her hands and kicking.

Mangwenjere tried to restrict Musonza but was hired. Then leaving to seek assistance from two friends at the base.

After his return, he found Duve hanging unconscious on the floor shows signs was suffering.

Musonza Duve drove up from Claybank Hospital on the advice & # 39; Mangwenjere and other friends who had attended the scene but was marked dead on arrival at hospital.

Death by beating … The lawyer met Lucy Duve & # 39; to & # 39; violent death in & # 39; the jealous boyfriend hands

The body & # 39; Duve awaits examination & # 39; after death in the United Bulawayo Hospital.

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